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  1. Hahahahaha this is a good one. Lagos traffic can do many heads in. Nice tips shared.

    1. Thank you Epiphany

  2. Lmao. Lagos traffic is the worst, I tell ya! But with the heat and stuff, I doubt I'll even be in the mood for No. 1.

    1. Ahahahahahahah. Play music then. Nod the traffic heat away.

  3. You got that part of unpredictable right. I experienced that Apapa gridlock thingy, it was terrible. Niuce suggestions, i mostly use time in transit/traffic to catch up on my non-work related issues, like publish a post on the blog, edit a post, catch up on social media or a particular book i'm reading and i could just use the time to rest/think/plan.

    1. Wow… I like the way you utilize traffic time.

  4. So relatable and you can never get use to the whole traffic wahala just roll with it.

    1. Exactly Charity. Before pelzon faint.

  5. Haha! There's a Lagos traffic app? I'm going to download it straight away. I sometimes work on the Island and I'm using torn as to which route to take to avoid traffic- the Obalende route or the CMS route.

    The tips you gave are helpful. I'd ensure to employ the ones I can when next I'm in traffic.

    1. Yeah. I think the traffic app indicates lesser traffic areas and stuff. It should be of help, I hope.

  6. Hehehe…
    I always avoid Apapa like the plague because the traffic there is unbearable coupled with all those scary containers that you will be seeing left and right.
    I always like to catch up on my precious sleep especially if i left the house really early in the morning.

    1. Those containers are scary abeg. I hope that place is better now o. Hia!

      When I catch up on sleep this way, I wake up with a bad headache.

  7. Bimpe Omo says:

    There is a Lagos traffic app? Ndi serious!!!

    1. I got to learn about the traffic app yesterday. Didn't know there was anything like that.

  8. Tomisin Jacobs says:

    Lagos Traffic can really cause one to be cranky. I may need to check out the traffic app. I need a breather, honestly. I get home so exhausted.

    By the way, your blog is addictive!

    1. A lot of people seem to be interested in this Lagos traffic app o. Shey I won't go check it out and talk about it laidis?

      Thank yoooooooou. A friend had told me about my addictive blog just yesterday. I have made it in life!

  9. Even though I don’t stay in Lagos, but anytime I’m travelling and I get to that Lagos point, I’m always like ‘here we are again o’. Like you said about the listening to music part that’s exactly what I do tiiiiiilllllllll I’m out of that traffic.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      That’s the quick hack, music!

  10. Here’s what I do when stuck in traffic:
    – Buy popcorn and read a nice book
    – Chat with friends online
    – View the natural scenery through the window
    – Sleep till the passenger next to me tap my shoulder that we’ve gotten to our final destination.

    I’ll not kuku kee myself!

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      You get mind o, sleep? Aaaaaaaah, I piry you baje baje.

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