Lagos to Ilorin by road : a thorough guide for first time travel

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I have been traveling from Lagos to Ilorin by road for more than 8 years now. It’s so funny I have never thought to document my road travel for once. I attended the University of Ilorin for my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

It is why I am on this route very frequently. I am currently on a Lagos to Ilorin road travel again today. If you didn’t know, I relocated from Lagos to Ilorin some months back. I still want to talk about this someday. Most importantly, what made me make the move.

While I was on the internet today, I thought it would be wise to write about my road travel from Lagos to Ilorin today and possibly answer the most frequently asked questions.

Mufsuf Motors (Lagos to Ilorin)

So I decided to use Mufsuf Motors for my Lagos to Ilorin travel. There are so many other transportation companies in Lagos to use for road travel to Ilorin. I will share some of them with you in the Frequently Asked Questions segment.

I chose Mufsuf Motors because it seemed to be convenient for me as regards the last stop. Mufsuf Motors in Ilorin has its park at Oke Odo, Tanke, right beside Item 7.

I stay very close to Oke Odo, Tanke, so having that as the last stop is just very convenient. Students of the University of Ilorin too would rather use this transportation line.

The problem with Mufsuf Motors, however, is that their vehicles are very bad. I know that many of the vehicles used for road transportation by all of them from Lagos to Ilorin and vice versa are very bad, to be honest. I probably expect more from Mufsuf Motors because it is pretty new around here.

Mufsuf motors, Ilorin, Ilorin to Lagos
Bad seat interior for a transport company

My seat partner was sharing really touching tales of how she has never made it to Ilorin in their buses because it either stops on the road or they drop them at Osogbo and ask them to find their way.

We all thought she was exaggerating until it was time to start our journey. The bus was pushed for a kick-start for more than 30 seconds. There was a little hassle before the Mufsuf vehicle would start.

The bus experienced a lot of troubles on the way. It is so sad that in Nigeria we don’t have many choices as such because when you move to the next company, it is the same story.

I really don’t know the difference between the general motor parks and the transportation companies.

This is a vehicle we were supposed to travel in from Lagos to Ilorin! Not intrastate travel, interstate! My seat partner kept cussing at the drivers with threats of how it’s going to be hell for them if they never get to Ilorin like always. Apparently, when they drop you off at anywhere their buses stop, you are left to find your way. No refund, no transport fare.

Lagos to Ilorin road travel experience

This particular journey wasn’t too good, I must confess. I have had better road travels. With the bad shape of the bus, and how tight and very cramped it is, you bet, it was a bad experience. The worst part of it all was during the stop. Four Muslim men went away for such a long time. They went to say prayers.

Given that they charged these passengers for their load, I expected a better arrangement. There was practically nowhere for people to stretch their legs. Mufsuf is a horrible transport company

I was amazed! I could not believe it. These four guys went away for more than 20 minutes. We didn’t seem to know where the mosque was. I personally felt taken advantage of. They were Alfas probably going to a convention in Ilorin together.

Major stop at Oyo

During your Lagos to Ilorin or Ilorin to Lagos travel, there is usually a major stop at Oyo or Ibadan.

Lagos to Ilorin bus trip, Ilorin to Lagos road trip

This is when you can take a piss or a shit lol. There is a very popular public toilet. To use it, you pay 20 Naira only. It is pretty neat. You will also find constantly filled water bottles for you to use after you are done with your business.

You can also buy anything from the roadside. Traders will come to the parked buses during the stop to sell all sorts of stuff Cooked corn, akara, bread, asala, dodo ikire, wara, fruits in season, groundnuts, chin chin, fried unripe plantain, snacks (egg roll, doughnuts, etc.), cooked eggs (3 for 100 Naira), bottled water and soft drinks.

There are also restaurants where you can buy cooked rice, beans and swallow foods of all kinds. Sometimes, drivers are not patient for you to go into a restaurant to eat but it’s worthy of note.

For those of you who like to buy things for your family, you can get kulikuli, sliced bread, keg palm oil, and vegetable oil.

Frequently asked questions for Lagos to Ilorin road travel

Lagos to Ilorin

How many hours journey is Lagos to Ilorin by road?

If you are going to Ilorin from Lagos via the Ojoo expressway, it is approximately 5-6 hours. If you are going via the Abeokuta expressway, it is 7-8 hours. These are just estimates because a lot of factors are going to play in here.

Interstate traffic and traffic within the states, time of the day, car condition and speed, time spent during the stops and other contingencies that might occur.

How much is Ilorin by Lagos by road?

This depends on the transport company that you are using. To be safe, the transportation fee for Ilorin to Lagos costs around 2,500-3,500 Naira. You can’t have less or more than the price ranges. During festivals, holidays and the rush months, there is going to be a serious hike. You might board a bus for as high as 4,000 – 4,500 Naira.

How many kilometers is Lagos to Ilorin?

Ideally, Lagos to Ilorin is 254 kilometers.

Where can I lodge in Ilorin?

This article gives you a list of the best hotels to stay in Ilorin. It is from the most affordable to the most expensive and in between.

Where to board a bus from Lagos to Ilorin

Oshodi Motor Park: you can find this motor park in Oshodi. You can also choose to travel on a bus or a car. Cars are slightly more expensive. This is because they are faster and more comfortable.

Ijora Park: Ijora park is another good option if you are using the public transport system.

Iyana Ipaja Motor Park: This is from where I boarded all of the vehicles I did from Lagos to Ilorin all through my Undergraduate days. They have so so many buses. It is usually best to go very early with them in the morning. Taking the first bus at Iyana Ipaja is usually my own goal.

Ojota Motor Park: This park is located at Ikorodu Road. I once used this motor park for night travel from Lagos to Ilorin. Not all motor parks do night travel. They close very late in the evening though.

If you want to use the professional road transport options, you can check ABC, God is Good, Cross country and maybe Mufsuf if you are a student.

Traveling from Lagos to Ilorin soon? Have a safe trip!

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