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Kymberli Joye Brings The Gospel to The Voice 2018

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So, I know that The Voice is just a singing competition but I am impressed. I am impressed that they would even allow Gospel songs go this far. I say this because (except I am wrong) I have never seen just one singer sing Gospel music consecutively on The Voice.

They probably did just one rendition in one of the contests and that’s all. This is not same for Kymberli Joye. The first time I heard her sing Gospel on The Voice was when she sang Break Every Chain.

It was hot in there, it was like real worship. And oh boy did her vocals do serious justice to that song. Watch here:

Kymberli Joye Performs “Break Every Chain” – The Voice 2018 Live Top 11 Performances

So, no, she is not a poor singer trying to mask her non-competitive stance with Gospel music. I know a lot of people who would argue that the God-kind of people are average and lazy and mentally warped, so they opt for easy ways out- JESUS.

All of the songs Kymberli Joye has sung on The Voice are either Gospel or really powerful.

There is something about the way Kymberli Joye perfoms her song. It is so powerful and touching. The first time The Voice heard the first of her was when she sang Whitney Houston with “Run to You” at The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions. 

The judges literally fought over her right after her presentation. According to them, the had never heard anyone sing Whitney Houston like that before.

Now this.

Kymberli Joye Performs “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

This literally blew me! I loved it, I loved the way she showed off her vocal range. She was easy at first, but that was just to make us feel comfortable.

By the time she was ready to give us her, she blew the roof off that building. Powerful, that was powerful.

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