Know Thy Rhesus Status O ye Single Lady by Tolulope Harry

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Back in 2003, I was astounded when I got my blood group and genotype results and I saw B negative as my blood group.

“This can’t be mine. There must be some mix up somewhere”  I said to my mum. “Too many people came for this test so this result is definitely not mine”. I grumbled. So I waved it off and forgot about anything that had to do with the blood group.

Several years down the line, I got married and got pregnant, during one of my early antenatal visits, blood sample was taken from me and then came the results of the tests. My blood group was B negative –  again.

We had been taught of the implications of being rhesus negative back in the University so I knew what that meant for me.

“Madam” the obstetrician said looking me in the eye “you are rhesus negative, you would need to buy rhogam injection which will be administered to you after delivery. This is very important.”
“Thank you”. I responded.

I was given this medication after the deliveries of each of my babies.

Some even say that the medication is administered in pregnancy.  I took mine after the deliveries.

Rhesus factor ignorance has caused a lot of people pain and made witches and wizards out of otherwise innocent and in some cases, well meaning family and friends.

As we all know, in this part of the world, anything that can’t be explained is immediately attributed to witches and wizards.

This drug is usually administered within 72 hours after the delivery of first babies as in most cases, rhesus negative mothers are usually carrying rhesus positive babies (because of their spouses who are likely rhesus positive).

The antibodies are usually sensitized after the delivery of the first babies inducing miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies or even still birth in some cases. It’s even administered after first abortions to prevent future miscarriages. It causes anemia and jaundice too.

Dear single lady, know your rhesus status today to avoid future heartbreaks and pain. Not all are caused by witches and wizards.

Tolulope Harry

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