King of Boys (2018) Movie Review

king of boys movie review

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Reports say that Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys was ultimately a good movie. I can only repeat what people think here in this review because I have not been able to watch it myself.

I am not sure King of Boys is what I’ll be seeing anytime soon so I asked a friend who has seen it to write a review. Here is Abisayo Ayoade’s review of King of Boys (2018) movie by Kemi Adetiba. You should remember Kemi Adetiba from The Wedding Party I and II.

“Review of the Movie, King of Boys


The movie had a pretty okay storyline. It was something we could all relate with in either our personal lives or as Nigerians in relation with how politics works and the government as a whole. It was therefore nothing out of the ordinary. It addressed trending issues in our society.

Some stunts pulled were pretty much impressive too. I was particularly impressed by the fire incident scene and also where Makanaki removed 4 of a guy’s front teeth. It quite seemed real.

The actors were also top notch actors. All seemed to know their role and they played it well like professionals. The make-up artist also did a really good job in transforming the looks of some sick and badly battered people. The camera/video quality was also really good.


Some scenes were dragged too. Typical of Nigerian movies!
Unnecessary show of some not so good camera effect.
It got really tiring at some point.
The throwbacks of the lead actress were completely unnecessary especially when she was still little…I didn’t see how it related to how she turned out to be when she became an adult.
The movie lasted about 3 hours 30minutes haba! It was unnecessarily long..
Some scenes could have been cut short or even scraped.
Some scenes were annoyingly prolonged.
Personally, I see no moral value the movie added to me. Well, apart from the fact that the bad guys got their own share of punishment. But the King herself still ended up being the boss.

I would, however, give the movie a 70%. IT WAS ULTIMATELY A GOOD MOVIE.”

Abisayo Ayoade

My thoughts on King of Boys

I don’t know if I want to see it after this review though. I am not watching a movie for more than 3 hours, what are they showing?

One thing I don’t like about Kemi Adetiba’s movies is all of the feferity and the overhype. The Wedding Party, for example, I do not have many moral lessons scream at me. I know I am supposed to watch and enjoy and to be very honest, I enjoyed The Wedding Party, I was entertained but…

Just this morning, my colleagues and I, out of the blues, began to discuss movies, Saworoide, The Figurine, Phone Swap, The CEO (I am dying to see this, they really loved it), mostly Kunle Afolayan’s movies and The Wedding Party popped out of nowhere. One of us exclaimed, “that movie is a commercial movie, nothing more.”

I couldn’t agree more, it was basically business.

“We are talking about movies with stories that enthrall”, someone else commented.

This review isn’t for The Wedding Party but for King of Boys but I see a lot of similarities in Kemi Adetiba’s productions- fancy but not tangible.

King of Boys Movie Cast

Sola Sobowale as Eniola Salami
Remilekun Reminisce Safaru as Makanaki
Adesua Etomi as Kemi Salami
Paul Sambo as Nurudeen Gobir
IllBliss as Odogwu Malay
Toni Tones as Young Eniola
Ademola Adedoyin as Kitan Salami
Sani MU’AZU as Inspector Shehu
Jide Kosoko as Alhaji Salami
Sharon Ooja as Amaka
Osas Ighodaro Ajibade as Sade Bello
Akin Lewis as Aare Akinwande
Lami Philips as Eniola’s mother

King of Boys Movie Trailer

Have you seen King of Boys yet? Please share your reviews in the comments section. See you there!

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(16) Comments

  1. You know, I have been looking for how to describe Kemi’s Movies, you got this so well. They are fancy, not tangible

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      That’s it jare. Nothing to go home with.

  2. Oluwakemi says:

    Havent seen it yet too but it’s 3 hours 30 mins kwa ?… Like seriously?

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Na so we see am o.

  3. I’m really interested in this movie with the trailer I’ve just seen. Off I go to watch!!!?

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      You are the ones that see movies because of their trailer. Kikikikikiikikikiki…

  4. King of boys was a movie about the decay in the Nigerian society. It wasn’t meant to save u or teach u to be a good person or give u morals that u don’t already have or at least know about. It was more of an educative movie than a moral-lesson-teaching-type movie. Watch it, be informed on the happenings in your country, do something about it if u can or just simply enjoy the badassery of the entire movie. Simple!!

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Thank you for your input, Angela.

      I might have to watch King of Boys too to give my own opinion/review of the movie.

  5. Adebodun says:

    I think you should see the movie rather than hearsay. I’m very particular about movies I watch and I must admit, this was really good. You highlighted ‘morals’; how many of these top grade Hollywood movies connote morals? Fast and furious?or even award winning Stephen Speilberg’s avatar? Or is it titanic?rose could have shared her board with Jack. Instead he died and we cried. This narrative can be spun anyway, depending on your stand point.
    I also find it laughable when people try to seem ‘mundane’ because it is Nigerian. I remember when Captain America portrayed Lagos in its movie; the buzz was mad. Why can’t we appreciate our own? Maybe if the writer was ‘Stan Lee’ ( God rest his soul) and the director/producer was Stephen Spielberg, we would appreciate this movie.
    I’m not saying there weren’t flaws ( just a few), but you mentioned the mainframe movies of the past and I’ll also show you flaws, as many as the movie in question. A 3 hour movie that was captivating from start to finish is a milestone. Irrespective of how you try to spin it. Mainframe pictures would have done it in two parts; hence losing its essence. Watch Oleku. Doesn’t make it less interesting, but you know what I mean. Sequels are anti-climatic at best.
    The wedding party. Pure comedy. What’s wrong in that? What’s the lesson from Dumb and Dumber? Or Madea’s movies? Or even the hangover triology? We appreciate these movies and the moment we try to ‘nigerianize’ it becomes trash? Our industry is emerging and it’s only right to experiment. Lots of below par and even trash movies are being released PER SECOND. but someone puts in a lot of work into this yet we trash all in the name of what? This story line was good. Not predictable. That’s quite unnigerian. Amazing cast, carefully selected.
    Now I wonder? What would you rather have done?
    You highlighted Kunle Afolayan’s movies ( which I appreciate a lot too) and in comparison to this I think he also worked hard to raise the bar. Kemi is doing the same. Like October 1st or the figurine or even the CEO king of boys is up there too.
    Maybe those who helped review this were not in a good mood. I mean, I’ll respect people’s opinion, but trashing this is quite unfair. Even the flaws that are being highlighted are over flawed. At least an 8.5/10 for this movie. The industry is growing. The Nigerian scene is building. And we are alive to see this.
    Appreciate what’s yours

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Thank you so much for your contribution Adebodun. I didn’t like The Wedding Party as much as I thought I would. I think that formed the bias for the generalization of Kemi Adetiba’s movies. I definitely appreciate what’s mine – Nollywood. Will also try to watch the movie to form my own personal opinion of King of Boys.

      1. Adebodun says:

        Thank you for taking time out to read my comment. In addition, I think there’s also a general bias to anything Nigerian. Understandably, not many things are working in the country; if anything at all. However I think when something is done right, it should be applauded.
        Furthermore, there has been an upward trend with the Nigerian movie and music industry. I wonder why the right ‘accolades’ aren’t accorded. I’ll be looking forward to your opinion about the movie in question, if possible, an annotated detail will be appreciated. I’m sure I’ll learn a thing… or two.
        And yes, keep an open mind. Make sure you’ve eaten well enough. Three hours is a long time lol.
        I’m pro Nigerian, and I believe somethings can still work, if done right- a fusion of hardwork, discretion and working smart . Consequently, I believe somethings can also improve with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. However, it doesn’t tantamount to the fact that we should embrace mediocrity. I wouldn’t, I’m sure you wouldn’t too.
        Until then, Selah!

        1. Esther Adeniyi says:

          Oh, the Nigerian movie and music industry is a way better than what we used to know, I absolutely agree. I am definitely going to smuggle in some asaro into the cinema. Ahahahahahahahah, thanks for the heads up.

  6. Bukky Obazenu says:

    I watched king of boys yesterday and it is an incredibly good movie coming from Nigeria. Yes it is 3+ hours long but you hadly feel the time pass. It is that captivating. My husband watched with me and he sat through the whole movie which is saying a lot. We all gave a standing ovation at the end. Kemi Adetiba did a good job. Nope it’s not Ghandi or any of those overly serious, moral teaching movies but it was damn entertaining.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Oh, nice. That sounds like fun, really.

  7. 3 hours 30 minutes is UNTRUE.
    It’s unfair to put people off this movie based on the duration when it’s not even true. I watched it last night, the movie started 8.32pm and ended 11.28pm and was worth every minute of the 3 hours.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Thank you for your review. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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