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King of Boys (2018) Movie Review

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Reports say that Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys was ultimately a good movie. I can only repeat what people think here in this review because I have not been able to watch it myself.

I am not sure King of Boys is what I’ll be seeing anytime soon so I asked a friend who has seen it to write a review. Here is Abisayo Ayoade’s review of King of Boys (2018) movie by Kemi Adetiba. You should remember Kemi Adetiba from The Wedding Party I and II.

“Review of the Movie, King of Boys


The movie had a pretty okay storyline. It was something we could all relate with in either our personal lives or as Nigerians in relation with how politics works and the government as a whole. It was therefore nothing out of the ordinary. It addressed trending issues in our society.

Some stunts pulled were pretty much impressive too. I was particularly impressed by the fire incident scene and also where Makanaki removed 4 of a guy’s front teeth. It quite seemed real.

The actors were also top notch actors. All seemed to know their role and they played it well like professionals. The make-up artist also did a really good job in transforming the looks of some sick and badly battered people. The camera/video quality was also really good.


Some scenes were dragged too. Typical of Nigerian movies!
Unnecessary show of some not so good camera effect.
It got really tiring at some point.
The throwbacks of the lead actress were completely unnecessary especially when she was still little…I didn’t see how it related to how she turned out to be when she became an adult.
The movie lasted about 3 hours 30minutes haba! It was unnecessarily long..
Some scenes could have been cut short or even scraped.
Some scenes were annoyingly prolonged.
Personally, I see no moral value the movie added to me. Well, apart from the fact that the bad guys got their own share of punishment. But the King herself still ended up being the boss.

I would, however, give the movie a 70%. IT WAS ULTIMATELY A GOOD MOVIE.”

Abisayo Ayoade

My thoughts on King of Boys

I don’t know if I want to see it after this review though. I am not watching a movie for more than 3 hours, what are they showing?

One thing I don’t like about Kemi Adetiba’s movies is all of the feferity and the overhype. The Wedding Party, for example, I do not have many moral lessons scream at me. I know I am supposed to watch and enjoy and to be very honest, I enjoyed The Wedding Party, I was entertained but…

Just this morning, my colleagues and I, out of the blues, began to discuss movies, Saworoide, The Figurine, Phone Swap, The CEO (I am dying to see this, they really loved it), mostly Kunle Afolayan’s movies and The Wedding Party popped out of nowhere. One of us exclaimed, “that movie is a commercial movie, nothing more.”

I couldn’t agree more, it was basically business.

“We are talking about movies with stories that enthrall”, someone else commented.

This review isn’t for The Wedding Party but for King of Boys but I see a lot of similarities in Kemi Adetiba’s productions- fancy but not tangible.

King of Boys Movie Cast

Sola Sobowale as Eniola Salami
Remilekun Reminisce Safaru as Makanaki
Adesua Etomi as Kemi Salami
Paul Sambo as Nurudeen Gobir
IllBliss as Odogwu Malay
Toni Tones as Young Eniola
Ademola Adedoyin as Kitan Salami
Sani MU’AZU as Inspector Shehu
Jide Kosoko as Alhaji Salami
Sharon Ooja as Amaka
Osas Ighodaro Ajibade as Sade Bello
Akin Lewis as Aare Akinwande
Lami Philips as Eniola’s mother

King of Boys Movie Trailer

Have you seen King of Boys yet? Please share your reviews in the comments section. See you there!

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