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Kasanova 2019 (Nollywood Movie) Review

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I didn’t enjoy Kasanova. It’s okay, you can shoot me. I mean, reviews seem to be more positive than negative but sorry, I can’t deal.

I get it, your favorite Nollywood actors are in Kasanova but hear me out, please.

The comedy part of this Romcom was the bomb but the romance churned my belly. I just couldn’t flow with the whole vibe. You can watch the movie teaser below and continue with the review if I haven’t succeeded in pissing you off just yet. 

Kasanova Movie Teaser


Kasanova Synopsis

Having lost his wife, Femi finds it very difficult to get over her. He turns to flimsy relationships and careless flings. His son, Jason picks interest in music and finds himself a mentor and a coach. He ends up falling for Jessica’s daughter. Femi, on the other hand, takes his love life seriously.

The Story 

Kasanova was boring for me. I didn’t very much enjoy the story. The twist was expected and the ending, lazy. Kasanova could have done better. Stories like these are better narrated than seen in a movie cinema. Nothing spectacular or worth fussing over. End of story!


Everyone who was supposed to be funny in Kasanova was hell funny. The comedy was top notch. Helen Paul was 100%. I loved watching the short time she popped up on the screen. It felt as though Ruby Akubueze was trying not to forget her lines, her acting was bland and boring. Toyin Abraham never disappoints, she was awesome. Maybe Ireti Doyle should never be on the piano in subsequent movies. 

Kasanova Nollywood Movie Cast

Wale Ojo as Femi
Alvin Abayomi as Jason
Toyin Abraham as Bisola
Ruby Akubueze as Ini
Iretiola Doyle as Jessica
Chimezie Imo as Jason’s Friend
Tomiwa Tegbe as Jason’s Friend
Ayo Makun as Arts Lecturer
Binta Ayo Mogaji as Femi’s mother
Helen Paul as Dance Lecturer


If you don’t have any other movie you are currently dying to watch, then maybe Kasanova can help you pass time. 

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