Jesus Understands my Humanity and that Thrills Me into Spiritual Ecstacy

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Women devotional, Esther Adeniyi
That’s the way my women devotional looks

Today’s post was a lesson from my Quiet Time yesterday. I don’t want to miss sharing this with you guys. By the way, I use the Good News Women’s Devotional and Study Bible. I have been using it for more than a year now.

Text was Matthew 26:38-45 and below is an excerpt from the devotional. It not only lifted me and encouraged me but boosted my spiritual esteem:

“The disciples were tired. It had been a long day. When Jesus returned each time they were asleep. I am reminded how difficult it seems to ‘watch and pray’ at times. Distractions come thick and fast accompanied by many excuses. How sad that these special friends were not able to be awake and praying when he returned the final time ; within the hour he would be betrayed.

I take comfort in the fact that Jesus understands my ongoing failures to ‘watch and pray’, and I am encouraged that he will strengthen me to persevere because I love him…and he loves me.”

There are many times that I feel so inadequate and unworthy of being loved but this text is a reassurance of God’s understanding of my humanity. The disciples were so tired, I can be tired too.

While I trust in God’s capacity to help me persevere in the place of devotion and spiritual fervency, I rest in the knowledge of God’s relation with my humanity.

How do you feel when you falter in the place of devotion and God’s service? Do you still feel that way?

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