Jenifa’s Diary Season 5 Lessons

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Lessons in Jenifa’s Diary season 5. Above is my best movie character in the season,  Toyosi a. k. a Toyo baby.

Hey there. How have you been? The week has been hectic for me. Our sister blog kicked off last week and it was a lot of brand marketing. Client sourcing,  social accounts launching, getting a dedicated team and soooooo on and so forth. Because it will be unfair to bore you with too much of stories,  let us go straight to our blog post for today. So,  here are the lessons I promised. Jenifa’s diary season 5 is full of lessons (you can download the season with all its episodes here) ,  read some of them below.

1. Market and competiting brand research are very important before launching a new start up. Marcus went for a proper survey at Niki ‘O’ before starting out the Salon.

2. You don’t take friendship for granted, sensitivity is important. Jenifa wasn’t supposed to break the news of Toyosi’s engagement to her parents. Toyosi was supposed to do it herself.

3. Never assume that a man without a ring on his finger is single.

4. Always ask questions about what baffles you. Asking Toyosi about the pregnancy kit she found in her bag would have saved everybody a lot of embarrassment.

5. Never forget those you left at the bottom of the ladder. Sege was always checking up on Niki ‘O’ staff.

6. Be careful to listen to advice from more experienced people. A younger friend may be more experienced.

7. Before deciding to work with a new brand,  be clear on terms and conditions.

8.You become indispensable when you are good at what you do.

9. Never try to force a man to like you,  he may not be into you at all in the first place. Jenifa noticed Marcus’ distance and still didn’t know when to withdraw and let things go.

10. Don’t lead women on if you are not interested in them. Marcus was definitely not wise about his relationship with Jenifa. He had too much of green light to flash.

11. Cut your coat according to your size.  Trying to prove that you are more financially capable than you really are will run you into problems.

12. If you will train a child,  do it by example. You don’t want your child sleeping around,  don’t do sleep around too.

Have you seen Jenifa’s Diary season 5 yet? What lessons did you pick from the season?

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