It Goes Down in the DM and Other Weekend Links

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I was crazily busy all week. I got so busy that I forgot to take breaks. I would like to think that the only time I refueled was when I closed my eyes to sleep. O my my, it is one of my most fulfilling weeks too. Have I even said an hi? Hi. So, how are you doing today?

I currently work at a real estate firm and we have a seminar tomorrow. Okay y’all, if you want to learn about legal documents in real estate, it is too late to register as the limited spaces are already booked and overflowing but you can contact Realty Point Limited to get the CDs. That wasn’t an advert, actually. I was about to whine about my still going to work tomorrow to help in the organizing and because I talk too much, that came up.

This week, I highlighted links from my friends’ blogs. I enjoyed some blog posts I went through in the course of the last weekend links sharing and this. Find which amuses you. Of course, you can read all. Let me know which of the blog posts you liked the most.

Most painful lesson I have learnt in marriage 

I saw this link on her Facebook wall and I dashed to the post straight like *insert snapping fingers emoticon*. So, I am like Mabel. Boy says one, I say fifty. I don’t exactly know what transpired between her and her hubby but I picked something important from that post. Check it you would pick something great too.

It goes down in the DM

If you are living on earth, you have probably read about BankyW, Etomi and dm sliding. Okay. I like the angle with which this post is coming from and it is for people who think barging into people’s inboxes to yarn nonsense is okay. No, it is not. Read that article for what’s really up.

Where do you spread your clothes? 

I don’t like the idea of spreading clothes on the grass. Really. I used to know of a woman who would instead of spread on the line spread on the grass and I would ask, ‘why aren’t you using this free line fa?’ You can check that article for what happens when you keep spreading your clothes on the grass.

Finding link between ‘nothing’ and success 

This blog post right here is for people who have thinking caps and want to wear it. It got me thinking and I ask myself this question, why do you want to have money?  For fame, comfort, show off? Why? The reason to this question determines how we are driven to ‘hamma’

Top 10 lies ladies tell 

For numbers 3,4 and 6, I am going to have his head for brunch tomorrow. Nonsense! I was both annoyed and laughing. Which one is all of that? You too can goan peep into the post o. Hmmmmmmm…

So, which of them did you enjoy the most?

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