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10 Simple ways to invest in your blog

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How to invest in your blog, Esther Adeniyi

Like I always say, Blogging means different things to different people. For people who take blogging seriously, an ‘how to invest in your blog’ blog post is something to jump at!

When I have extra cash or I am seriously thinking of what to do to move my blog to the next level, I invest in it. Just like any other venture, investment is very important. We usually think that blogging does not require any sort of investment. We just write, go to sleep and expect the credit alerts.

I have had some people tell me that they didn’t see any need to invest in a blog. After all, some Bloggers do nothing and they earn plenty. I don’t know if I want to talk about it in this blog post but just note that, to get returns of any kind, you have to put in something.

A point of note is that it does not necessarily have to be money too. It just has to be an investment. Another thing note-worthy is that the returns from blogging may not come as immediately as you would want it to. No. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn’t. So, when you are investing in your blog, try not to be too anxious for the rewards. Yes, you can set business goals but don’t get too anxious.


So, you really want to invest in your blog but don’t know what to do?


1. Buy your blog domain

If you have been using a blog whose domain you have not bought, spend part of your investment money to buy it. You can buy for a year or more and then renew yearly on expiry.

Note :

1. Buy your domain from a trusted host.
2. ‎Choose your domain name carefully. You can read on picking the perfect domain name for your blog. You may also watch out for the post on my blog soon.
3. ‎Make sure your old domain automatically redirects to your new domain. This is so that people who have always known your old address can still be directed to the new one if they don’t have it.

2. Spend more time writing quality posts for your blog

If you remember, at the beginning of this blog post, I said that to invest in your blog doesn’t necessarily mean you must spend money. Creating time for researched and quality blog posts is a good blog investment strategy.

You will always see the rewards later. Writing quality posts for your blog can do a lot of good to your blog:

-It will help to boost your SEO
-‎People trust you as a Blogger to give them quality information.
-‎People will be more willing to share your posts. This will invariably increase your reach.

Read on how to create awesome content for your blog here

3. Buy a blog theme

Buying a blog theme will give your blog a beautiful feel. You can actually use a good and quality blog theme that is free of charge. However, many of them won’t let you remove footer credit.

You also have to be careful when you are installing a custom theme. Be sure that it will not tamper with your blog’s traffic. Yes, installing some blog themes can very much affect you.

So, if you have that extra cash to invest in your blog and you are not sure of what free quality blog theme to go for, buy one from a good website.

4. Get a blog designer

It is not enough to have a good theme. A blog designer knows how best to make the theme work for your particular niche. Do you know that you can have a wonderful theme only to end up with a blog full of clutter, irrelevant designs and conflicting colours?

So, invest in a Blog designer. I am a very good blog designer. (Inserts smile). Yes, I really am. If you have decided to invest some money in your blog and you want to get a good blog designer, you can just send me a whatsapp message on 08169667381.

5. Invest in your social media handles

I know that by now, you know that people advertise their products and services on social media. If you have a good blog post that you would want to travel far, probably a foundational blog post, you can put it up on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and promote on any of the handles that you like.

I strongly suggest Facebook advertising out of all the three because it is cheaper and more targeted.

You can also boost your Facebook and Instagram pages to get more followers. For your Facebook page, I would like to be honest with you. The number of fans you have is not directly proportional to your page or post reach. It’s so sad that it is like that. You will enjoy your Facebook page the more only if you are ready to boost your posts. If you have that capacity, you can set aside a little budget for that.

6. Buy a quality camera for your blogging

If your blog content is heavily dependent on graphics, you might want to invest in a good camera. There is usually a point from where you graduate from phone photography, no matter how good you are at it to professional photography.

Some Bloggers have succeeded in staying ahead of the others in their niches because of this same photography. It may cost a lot more than your pocket can handle so I suggest that you save towards it.

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and travel Bloggers need good photography the most. If you can’t rent or make use of a friend’s in the meantime, plan towards buying a good camera.

7. Take blogging masterclasses

There are so many masterclasses for Bloggers these days. If you can afford or can stretch your pocket, invest in your blogging career by taking these classes. It will help you move up faster and give you more confidence.

Some masterclasses are to help your graphics, some, your photography, some, actual blogging etc…

8. Take complementary courses

Complementary courses are courses that you can take to Boost your Blogging as a whole. Take courses that are related to your Blogging niche. Any Blogger can decide to take writing courses for example but not every Blogger should go for photography courses. If you are a book or literary Blogger for example, you might not need all of that.

A fashion Blogger may need to take fashion courses. If you are a travel Blogger, you might decide to take tour guide courses. A food Blogger should definitely invest in catering courses that match their purses and needs. Be selective and discerning to know what courses to take so that you don’t waste your money all in the name of investing in your blog.

9. Buy a good phone and/or laptop

This is a very important investment to make for your blog. A good phone will make it easier for you to blog on the go and take quick phone snapshots of things you cannot begin to look for your camera for. You can also type your text on a good phone. A quality browser phone will help you do more research before writing and give you easy access to other blogs. I tell you, if your phone frustrates you, it will frustrate your blogging too. When your phone starts hanging, starts restarting, becomes difficult to handle, it is time to invest in a new one.

There are also some things that your phone cannot do. You will need a laptop or computer system for them. An example is designing on Canva. I know that we have Canva applications for our mobile phones now. I have not checked to see what it looks like but I still believe that the desktop version is the best. You may also need other online graphics tools, an example is Picmonkey. In summary, a laptop makes things easier for you.

10. Buy Premium Versions of Blogging tools

A good way to invest in your blog is to buy premium versions of tools that you use to enhance your blogging. It may not have crossed your mind before but if you are limited to only some things for some applications, you might find it difficult to get what you want. This is more difficult if you are meticulous and melancholic in Blogging nature.

So, if you have spare cash to spare, you might invest it in premium versions of applications like Canva, Picmonkey, blog themes, SEO tools, Social media automation apps etc.

In what way have you invested in your blog? How else do you plan to invest in your blog? Let’s discuss in the comments section below. If you also find this blog post resourceful, I would be very glad and honored to have you share with other people. Thank you.

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