Ila Alasepo/Okro soup (Ajeponula) recipe

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Ila Alasepo

Ila alasepo is a soup very common in Yoruba land. Some people like to make this soup without palm oil. They just make the okro soup bland and then add stew. Ila Alasepo is becoming more popular because of the added ingredients, we also do not have to have a separate stew.

              Preparation of Ila Alasepo


1. Okro
2. Waterf
3. Pepper
4. Fish, ponmo, meat (cooked)
5. Palm oil
6. Locust beans
7. Salt and seasoning to taste

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Preparation of Ila Alasepo

1. Chop your okro into very small pieces
2. Soak it in water till it is time to pour in the cooking pot
3. Put a pot of water on a cooking stove
4. Add pepper
5. Add fish,  ponmo and meat
5. Allow it to cook for about 7-10 minutes
6. Add Okro and stir, if possible with a wooden spoon.
7. Add palm oil
8. Add locust beans
9. Add salt and seasoning and allow to cook for just 70-80 secs
10. Stir and remove from cooking stove, to avoid too much heat to over cook the okro
11. Serve with any swallow food of your choice


i. Avoid using much oil, just little is enough, too much oil will prevent it from drawing
ii. Do not cover when cooking Ila Alasepo/Okro soup,  cover when the soup is cool
iii.Remove spoon from Ila Alasepo when cooking and after cooking it.
iv. Avoid cooking with too much water. It prevents it from drawing.

So, when are you going to make Ila Alasepo? Share your experience with us when you make it.

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