Fantastic Ideas For Bad Hair Days

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For those days when your hair stylist decides to do the opposite of your wish or when your four-week old hair becomes rough,  I have some great ideas for helping you stay as chic as nothing ever went wrong. Your bad hair days are going to get better, keep on reading.

Front Bow 

My sister
Sometimes it is the braids,  the front row. If you aren’t planning to repick or reset the front row,  you could tie it up into a bow.

Berets,  wow!

Photo via @caralakeman

The beret comeback is awesome or what do you think? Find some more inspiration with Cassie’s post.


Photo via @bmpromakeup

Yes,  scarves.  Many of us claim to be bad at tying the scarf properly and that’s why a simple wrap up like this one is just perfect.

You  can tie up if you can or get someone else to style you.

Beanies beanies beanies

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Beanies are for bad hair days- rush days.  Imagine when you don’t have a single idea in your head and you gotta get the heck out. Throw on a beanie and stay classy still.Also read: protective cornrows styles

Floppy hats are now in vogue 

Floppy hats are no more for the beach alone. You can wear them even to church. Floppy hats are becoming very common these days and they could be your best bet on a bad hair day.

Use a wig

Have  a decent collection of wigs.  You might just be able to save for the rainy day. Saving up for wigs can be a good investment to help you in case of bad hair days.

Gel it up 



Gels are so handy.  Invest in a good Gel for days when you can’t seem to keep fly away hair strands in check. You can also use serum in place of Gel to hold your rough hair in place.

Become creative 


This is a fusion of Ankara with non Ankara – what your creative mind can birth you when you need to style a bad hair.

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