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I resigned from a great job to chart a new course || Olumide Glowville

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My friend, Olumide Glowville just published one of the most heartfelt career revelations on his Facebook. There is practically no way I am letting this go. You should totally read this!


In November 2017, I took the bold step to resign from a great job in Real Estate to chart a new course in Media and Public Relations.

At the time, it seemed like a foolish thing to do. I mean, why leave a good job to start all over in a growing company, take a pay cut, miss out on so many job benefits, and even sweet perks?

I did anyway because I was getting bored on my job at the real estate firm; I was basically feeling stagnant on the job after three years!

You see, being unemployed is a problem, but being stagnant on a job is another special problem that no one really enjoys or want to experience.

Olumide Glowville

It is a dark place in your career which is akin to depression. The bigger issue is that some people cannot recognize when they are having a stagnant career. Most people like to attribute the signs to a bad boss, office politics, or bad working conditions. But in reality, it’s more than that.

Here are a few signs to show you are approaching or already experiencing stagnancy in your career.

– Are you working so hard with a lot of work experience but with very little to show for your hard work?
– Are your colleagues having better career advancement opportunities compared to you?
– Do you find yourself with no defined path for promotion?
– Is your job getting threatened by automation or technology in the nearest possible future?
– Are your tasks too monotonous and mechanical with no peculiar work challenges to keep you excited?
– Are your skills and contributions becoming less and less important to the company?
– Does every day feel like Monday?

If more than one of the above tick off your list or come close, you’re likely on the path to a stagnant career and or already facing a stagnated career.

It’s highly important to take steps at redeeming yourself and your career from stagnation. Employers will overtime hire people who will bring more value and eventually show you the door out when you least expect.

Don’t wait to be thrown out, do something to make yourself dynamic, valuable and indispensable!

How did I solve mine in 2017?

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For me at the time, leaving was the only thing to do. PR was the next big challenge to conquer, the next stage to explore.

I did that in 2018 and it was a great experience which has opened me up to a whole new level in Media, Marketing, Business Development, and Technology.

Now, I am in a place where there is so much to explore that will fuel career growth and development for me.

I would probably never get to half of where I am today if I didn’t do the bold, stupid thing in 2017.

Sometimes, leaving your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself if you will truly fly and fulfill your potentials.

Don’t be stuck in one position because you are afraid of the unknown. You are better off trying and failing than not trying at all.

If you currently feel like I felt in 2017, you can help yourself by:

– Taking new courses and learning new things that will give you new skills to solve bigger challenges. We can help you with this at Highfliers Hub
– Asking for more responsibilities at your current job. When you fulfill new goals, you will be excited on your job and be on the way to earning promotion.
– Applying to new jobs, if there are no new challenges in your office or no clear path for promotion.
– Asking God to show you your purpose. When you walk in God’s purpose for you, your job will come easy. So if you are having a stagnant career at all, it’s most likely that you are not doing what you are meant to be doing.

May God help us all in this Independence Week, as we all swim through this murky waters of achieving success in our different hustle.

Happy new week.

Enjoy more of Olumide Glowville

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