‘I passed out from Med school in flying colours but my passion is writing. What do I do?’

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Hey people. How is the weekend going? Mine is a lazy weekend and it’s so unpredictably drab. Beans is on fire now. Combining it with bread or garri may do some magic. I woke up so unmotivated. Do you sometimes want to go back to bed and wake up the next morning? Just because…? I do, maybe not frequently, but I do. Well, let’s nonetheless move to today’s stuff.

I would like us to wear the shoes today.

‘I passed out from Med school in flying colours but my passion is writing. What do I do? ‘

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  1. Yemi Adediran says:

    You can combine both. I think there is something called medical journalism or science journalism. You can try to find out.

  2. It can be painful to dump all your years of Medicine but it's better to follow passion. You will be happier and fulfilled but be sure that your passion is valid. Sometimes this passion thing changes in a way. I don't know how to explain that part well.

  3. Cherry Hill says:

    Follow your passion. You can practise medicine and make your passion part time until you can fully be in your passion.

  4. I had rather follow my passion.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm… This is a very tough decision to make. You can combine both you know but your passion might definitely take over. I would instead follow my passion. #cheers

  6. I am facing challenges similar to that now, am studying Microbiology in school but I LOVE to write and design graphics. I try to combine them till am done with my studies tho' it kinda stressful. So you can be both: A Med Dr & a Writer

  7. Anonymous says:

    Try to see how both can merge. If you can't stand Medicine as a career, go search for opportunities in Writing. For you to however pass in flying colours, it is an indication that you are not doing bad. See how you can combine both.

  8. Thank you all for the contributions everyone.

    Cheers to the weekend.

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