I Know a Kick-Ass Blogger and Other Weekend Links

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Hello everyone. How has the week been? Are you ready for the weekend? I am and I am excited already. It’s a good time to rest and refuel for the coming week. Here are my favorite links for this week. You can just click on any one that catches your fancy and you can even decide to read everyone of them, lol.

3 Communication tools your marriage needs

This is one very good marriage tool to help resolve future conflicts. Communication is just too important in relationships and marriages. Read this article to learn more about communicating effectively.

I have butt hair and it’s very embarrassing

Now this is a slightly embarrassing piece and I know that a few of my readers may have this butt hair condition. Read stories of people who have this on the forum and be first of all encouraged to learn that you are not the only one. Be open to see how they manage theirs to their lifestyles.

How many hours of sleep is enough

I went to search for the ideal sleep time online because I have been sleep starving myself. I got this link and I liked the break down of the ideals into age brackets. Read and learn from this too.

A guide to intermittent fasting

This is by far the best article I have read on intermittent fasting. Let me tell you the single reason I have not written on Intermittent fasting and my journey through it yet – laziness. I have so much to say about it and a little bit more details to expose but I have been too lazy to pile up. I promise you that I will come around to this and write on intermittent fasting because my my, I am leaner, healthier, fresher and my bowels now move more frequently.

Different types of boobs

I know many girls are inquisitive about how other girls’ bodies look like. If you never stayed in the hostel, chances are that you have been wondering if your naked body, especially your boobs look like everyone else. See the different types of boobs in this article.

I know a kick-ass blogger

I saved this for the last not because it is least. A fellow blogger was so kind as to give me a blog post tribute. It meant so much to me ehn. You may read his post about me on his blog.

Here you go, darlings. Which of these links did you like the most? Would you please share with me?

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