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I can design a beautiful wedding blog for you

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Beautiful bride

Are you getting married soon? Do you have a friend who is getting married soon? I can design a wedding blog for you.

What is a wedding blog? 

It is a blog where details pertaining to your wedding are listed.

What does a wedding blog contain? 

-Wedding venues and addresses.
-Names of brides maids and grooms men.
-Show off of pre-wedding pictures.
-‘How we met ‘ stories of both bride and groom.
-Theme song (if there is any) for the wedding.
-A beautiful photo gallery.
-Contact details.

Why you need a wedding blog

-There is ease of transfer of information from couples and their families to the prospective wedding guests. Just give them a go-to spot.

-A wedding blog provides an avenue for the couples to allow their guests go through the wedding preparations with them.

-You have a platform for yourself.  It can be as private or as public as you want it to be.

-What about having your friends and family air their opinions about your wedding gown or traditional attire?  It is sure fun to have them choose with you.

– Easily collect and share your beautiful photos.

-You can also manage guest lists, RSVPs and meal requests through your wedding blog.

-You have an online album for yourself after the wedding. You just give out the address and family and friends are checking through

Check out Abisayo and Kayode’s wedding blog

These are the simple requirements for a beautiful wedding blog

Full names of couple
X weds Y
Couple Self Introduction
IV design
Proposal story
Proposal photos
‘Our love story’ / ‘How we met’
Engagement photos
Bridesmaids pictures
Bridesmaids (brief intro)
Groomsmen pictures
Groomsmen (brief intro)
Wedding venue,  date and time
Invitation message
Pre-wedding Pictures
Bridal shower pictures
Make up photos/shoot
Bridesmaids group photo shoot
Couple photos
Groomsmen photo shoot
Picture Gallery
Our first dance video

If you will like something put together for your wedding you can send me a mail at esther.adeniyi@gmail.com and we will take it up from there. It is also very affordable, I promise.

Photo credit: Instagram via @ms_asoebi

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