Caroline Mutoko- too pretty to be broke

I am too pretty to be broke and other stew-peed lies we tell ourselves

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Let me tell you a story.

It was during my NYSC days and I had gone without money for a while. I mentioned this to someone and the summary of the balderdash he presented was that I was too pretty to be broke.

That didn’t even hurt, that pissed me off.

Da heck!

If he had a second more, he was going to spew some more nonsense but I am too picky about my conversations, I left early.

This was going to be in the lines of “what are you using your beautiful face for? Use what you have to get what you want.” and other related jargons.

This is one of the tough money conversations, I know but we must talk about this nonetheless.

Caroline Mutoko is a pro. She literally breaks eggs whose shells people are afraid to walk on. I mean, I stumbled on her “Where did my money go” video three years ago and I was smitten by her financial thought process.

Watch the video below. I know that it is a lot about another woman’s books (of which I am going to get, very soon), listen in between for discussions you might want to start in your own circle.

Discussions you might want to have with yourself and your sister and her pretty friend.

This is obviously not enough to get this conversation smooth and long but start, we can. So, as I said, I will be getting I’m Too Pretty To Be Broke and Other Lies You’ve Been Telling Yourself by Joan Thatiah and I can do a review or lesson post.

By the way, there is a sneak peek into feminism in here. I think that may tickle your fancy.

Caroline Mutoko: I’m Too Pretty to Be Broke and other lies

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