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Human Hair Wigs : How to make them last longer

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The wig making industry (especially human hair wigs) is a multi-billion dollar industry with growing potential every passing day.

Wigs are needed worldwide and are especially in much demand in North America, Europe and in Africa. As a Nigerian, it should come as no surprise that wigs are in high demand in Nigeria too, especially by the ladies.

The average African woman doesn’t have long hair but short curly hair. What this means is that, sometimes, the woman would love to wear  long hair and since she doesn’t have one naturally, she will opt for a wig.

Where are human hair wigs made from?

Human hair wigs are exactly what they are called. They are wigs made from Raw Human Hair and they cost quite a lot. Celebrities use and wear human hair wigs from time to time. Kylie Jenner is rumored to have a whole shelf dedicated to wigs. The wigs that Kylie Jenner collects are definitely worth a lot of money probably thousands of dollars.

Well, there are factories that make human hair wigs after the shaved human hair has passed through specific cleansing processes. This process include washing, drying, dyeing, removal of lice and other insects from the hair and so on. There are factories that are setup that manufacture human hair wigs from real human hair. Many of those factories are in America.

What are human hair wigs made from?

Human hair wigs like the name implies, are made from raw, unprocessed human hair. The raw hair is hair that was shaved from the heads of people, particularly women’s hair.

Human hair is gotten in bulk from four main countries. The four main countries are China, India, Russia, and Ukraine. Although, Indian hair is way cheaper than other hair sources. The wigs made from European sources like Russia and Ukraine are relatively more expensive. When these human hair are shaved off, the hair contains so much dirt like lice, dust, dandruff flakes and so on, so it has to undergo cleansing and processing.

Who wears human hair wigs?

Well, Women’s human hair wigs are commonly worn for beauty and cosmetic purposes by women. Like in the example we stated earlier in this article, celebrities like Kylie Jenner wear wigs of different types for different occasions as it suits them. Remember that we mentioned that she even has a whole shelf dedicated to wigs! Now that’s massive!

There is also the health factor that drives the wearing of human hair wigs.

People with Cancer, Alopecia areata… people fighting this kind of health conditions have a hard time keeping their hair, as these conditions tend to cause the hair to fall off. And in other to boost the self esteem of these patients they wear wigs to cover up for their flaws.

Cancer patients often end up shaving off all their hair due to some reasons related to health. It doesn’t really feel good for people like that to look into the mirror and see that all their hair is gone! Or does it? So, this calls for them to buy wigs. And they will also opt for wigs that will look very natural and blend with their look, and this is what an human hair wig does. Women battling with hair loss problems will also tend to buy human hair wigs to cover up for their perceived weaknesses. Other medical conditions that can cause a person to wear an human hair wig is if they have Lupus, Psoriasis and so on.

People also wear wigs for cosmetic purposes.

Like we mentioned earlier, celebrities like to switch looks. They can wear short hair wig today, and tomorrow they may choose to wear something long. They may wear pink hair today, and tomorrow go for a sun-tanned blonde colour. Wigs offer them this variety which is normally not possible with natural human hair. Also, on days when your hair refuses to come into shape and is hard to comb or style, a human hair wig comes in handy to bail you out. All you need to do is to grab it and wear it. So easy!

Difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs?

Synthetic Hair Wigs are very different from natural human hair wigs.

Firstly, human hair wigs offer you a very natural look that synthetic wigs cannot give. The natural Human Hair Wigs are softer and feel more natural than the synthetic Hair Wigs. When you wear a natural hair wig, it will show in your look that the hair is natural. People might even assume that it is your hair not until you tell them. But, Synthetic Wigs look exactly like what they are called. They look synthetic and not natural!

Another difference between human hair and synthetic hair wigs is the amount of maintenance each one needs. Natural hair wigs need more maintenance as compared to synthetic hair wigs.

Natural hair wigs are made of natural hair, and they are therefore prone to the same problems that normal natural hair will face. So, you will need to regularly wash it, oil it and take care of your natural hair wig than you would do for your synthetic hair wigs.

Synthetic hair wigs are not made of natural hair so they don’t need excessive maintenance. But sometimes it may be difficult to differentiate between natural hair wigs and a high-quality synthetic hair wig. Some synthetic wigs are made of so much high-quality fibre that you will get confused trying to figure out if it is a natural hair wig or a synthetic one.

Also Synthetic hair wigs don’t need much styling because the fibres used in making them have been styled. So the wig bounces back into shape after any disorganisation.

But this is not the same with natural hair wigs. Also, Synthetic hair wigs tend to retain their original style, then this means that they can’t be styled into different styles. This is another advantage that human hair wigs have over synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are very versatile and can be styled into several shapes and curves but synthetic wigs can’t.

With the four different types of hair used in human hair wigs, (Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European), one can see that human hair wigs could come from different sources. Your human hair wig could be of Asian descent, European descent or Indonesian descent.

How to maintain your natural hair wig

Make sure you oil your natural human hair wig, you regularly wash it, you comb it with your brush and you care for it just like you would care for your own natural hair. By doing these, your natural Hair Wig is sure to last long.

DO’s and Don’ts of making your human hair wig last longer 


  • Do pat your wig dry with a towel rather than squeeze after washing
  • Do store your human hair wig on a stand, away from heat, moisture and sunlight
  • Do avoid the roots when shampooing your human hair wig
  • Do use the appropriate comb to comb through your wig


  • Don’t style your human hair with heated styling products
  • Don’t ever blow dry your human hair wig 
  • Don’t over oil your human hair as it can store too much dust

How to prolong the life of your human hair wig 

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Photo: Bisola Aiyeola

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