How to turn your internship into a full time job

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My blog post on how to be taken seriously even if you are still new at work is a good place to start if you are looking for a preamble. So, you might go check that out first and then continue reading this one.

If you have continued reading until now, chances are that you or a very close person to you is an intern and you really want to be hired after your internship with your organization.

In case you did not know, companies like to hire interested interns into full-time roles because they know they understand and are used to the culture. This is to let you know that the odds are in your favour.

However, this is not always the case. If when an intern is done with their internship, they write to terminate their program and they are gladly “left off the hook”, there is something wrong, terribly wrong. No smart employer wants to see you go just like that except you are a pain in their necks.

So, how do you secure the job even when you are not asking for it? How are you in the company’s good books?

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1. Complete your tasks on time

Some interns slack on their jobs because they think that they should not be placed on the same pedestal as confirmed employees. If you are going to step into their shoes one day, it is better you step up yesterday. Finish your assigned projects right on time.

2. Build a good relationship with co-workers

This is a no brainer if you are looking to spend some more years in that company. You can be unapproachable, unkind and generally mean if you know that your journey ends as an intern. This is even though not a smart thing to be no matter what. Build a relationship with your colleagues so much that they will hate to see you leave. Be pleasant to be around.

3. Do more work

I know right? You are just an intern and well, “I can’t kill myself”. So, let me say this – if you do not have enough things to do, ask for more. Sometimes, your skills and time are very underutilized. You can ask for additional projects if all you do for the whole day is within 30 minutes.

4. Add to your knowledge base

Don’t sit around just doing tasks and projects, improve. Take a course, check out what goes on in other departments, be inquisitive and seek knowledge

5. Regularly check in with your supervisor

You want to be sure that you are meeting expectations, so ask your direct supervisor, don’t assume. Ask for feedback. Ask if you can do better.

6. Follow the rules

If you want to be employed, behave like the employees. If they have a certain dress code, follow it. If there are rules around eating at work, clock in time, clock out time, etc., follow them. People notice things, especially HRs. Those folks seem to have eyes at the back of their heads. You might just reap from all that sowing just by a simple recommendation as a result of your strong work ethics.

7. Ask for the job

Well, sometimes you just have to simply ask. This will be much easier if you are a great intern. Even if they do not need your services anymore, they can create a job for you right within the same organization. But you really have to be worth it, remember?

The stress and money spent during a job search are enough reasons to consider becoming a full-time employee in your place of internship. So use your internship period wisely!

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