how to care for your braided wig

How to take care of your braided wigs

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I have a bad wig maintenance culture, ask my sister. She walked into my room one of those days and screamed. I was startled,

“madam, wetin”

“Ah, see your wig, Iya”

“oh that”, I exhaled, exasperated.

The wig had accumulated so much of dust that it was a shadow of itself. In fact, there was no shadow, I destroyed the image of that wig.

“Wo, leave it like that”, I resigned.

This was coming from a girl who intended to acquire more wigs. I am literally tired of sitting in the salon. Waste of time, waste of time, waste of time. Worse off, it is Yoruba African Magic you will forcefully watch for more than 5 hours.

Recently, in a bid to solve my hair problems, I got myself a braided wig. It is the first I own and because it was going to be my first, I asked someone to make it for me. I could not afford to just go and buy a braided wig from anyone anywhere.

Braided wig has been on my wishlist since tipetipe. I have been planning to own a braided wig with my mouth.

One of the babes at work wears a very nice wig so I asked her to help me out. We contacted the woman and in  2 weeks, my wig was set and poping!

Oh dear, I loved it. It was the accurate size and length and colour of braids I wanted.

Now, how to maintain the braided wig na, given that I had a poor wig maintenance culture.

I asked my friend, surfed and surfed the internet and began to use the tips I got. I will share some of those tips on how to care for your braided wig.

How to care for your braided wig

The truth is that you maintain your braided wig the way you maintain your normal braids. The only difference is that it is not on your hair and you have to do some things extra to stop it from smelling or pulling out.

Yele has a very good article on how to make your braids last longer especially if you are on natural hair. You may check it out.

Daily Care of your braided wig

  • Apply moose to the braided wig so that fly or stray hair can stay in place
  • Apply oil (coconut oil or wig oil) to make it shine
  • You may also use oil sheen instead of coconut oil
  • When you remove, place on a stand or something that allows it to hang free
  • Do not place it in an area that is heat prone, place your wig where lots of air is to avoid bad smell
  • Do not hang it in a dusty place like me. If your room is prone to allowing dust accumulation, cover up with a transparent white nylon on its stand.
  • Do not make your braided wig styles too tight.

Weekly care of your braided wig

  • Apply hair freshener or anti odour to your wig in case it is already beginning to smell
  • Regularly trim your wig to keep the stray away. You can see that some of mine are coming out.

General wig maintenance

  • Dip your wig, especially the ends in hot water. Please make sure you dry it properly afterward. Just wring and hand in a cool, dry place
  • You can also wash and dry your braided wig after 2 – 3 months of consistent use.

Do you own a braided wig? How do you maintain/care for your braided wig?

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Photo Credit : Dimma Umeh 


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