How to supercharge your mornings and banish morning fatigue

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Do you constantly feel tired when you wake up? This article is the best on the planet as it gives you the most practical solutions to morning fatigue. If you are not a morning person, chances are that you always wake up fatigued and have a thorough detest for rising with the sun.

How about I teach you how to rise before the sun and still feel supercharged, ready and with so much energy to begin the day?

Sounds good yea? It definitely does if you have a yearning to wake up early in the morning. It is no wonder so many people covet this, to wake up as early as they can.

If you are wondering what the benefits of waking up as early as 5 AM are, I recommend this article because in there I share how much this singular morning process has changed my life and turned it entirely around in the course of the years.

So, yeah, we now all get it, waking up early every day is a big deal, it really is. The question now is what to do when mornings seem to be a drag, fatigue seems to be the order and waking up early every day isn’t even worth it at all, considering how horrible you feel.

Let’s break it down. Why do you feel fatigued every morning? Why is it so difficult for you to feel the energy of the morning and move on with purpose?

1. You might not be getting a good night’s rest at all. If you snore, for example, you might not be resting as much as you should.

2. Your sleep conditions are not favorable. If you have your lights on all the time, it might be disrupting your sleep pattern.

3. Have you checked your diet and water intake? If you take too much water at night, you will wake up too frequently and that will cause your sleep to be frequently interrupted. Also, some certain foods might disrupt a proper good night’s rest. Spicy or high-fat foods, for example, are not great dinner options. Highly acidic foods too can cause reflux.

4. You might be extremely stressed constantly. This can affect your sleep too especially if it involves worry and anxiety. It is very bad.

5. You might also have a sedentary lifestyle. This can cause you to be constantly tired. Morning, afternoon, night. If you don’t move around well enough or do some form of exercise during the day, your early morning may be constantly plagued with tiredness.

6. You are a parent with hyperactive children. Aha. This is one very popular reason why it might be difficult to wake up early without feeling fatigued.

7. You work shifts. This particular lifestyle invariably changes your sleep pattern and time. As a result, your mornings might be a serious drag.

How can you make the most of your mornings? What can you do to wake up fully rested, not tired and perfectly ready to face the day with maximum enthusiasm? These tips are going to help you, continue reading.

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1. Set the perfect sleep mood the night before

What you do the night before plays such a very important role to help your morning. I recommend you read this awesome article on things to do before bedtime because it highlights so many of the problems you can correct now to have a better morning.

Try to consider sleeping at the same time every day. This can help to establish a good sleeping pattern to help you wake up more naturally the following day. This may take a while for your body to get accustomed to but it is worth it.

Also, sleep in comfortable wear the night before. Do not be tempted to remain in your day time cloth for the night. Freshen up if you can, clean up your makeup and wear your pajamas or other comfortable nightwear. This has a way of mentally preparing you for the morning.

Tone down on your bedroom’s lighting. Clean sheets are not enough, a relatively darker room will help you sleep better. If you are used to sleeping with the lights on, try to experiment with the lights off. Take this a day at a time, do not put pressure on yourself by looking into a full month of surviving without the lights. Switch off the lights today and drift off. Tomorrow, do the same.

What you can also do is to transition gradually. You can leave the passage to your room well lit and open your bedroom door or leave the bathroom light on and open the door so that there is still some light coming in. You can do this until you can now comfortably switch off all lights.

This might be all you need to get your mornings back. If the switch to a great morning doesn’t flip, you have at least tried to block out this sole reason. Additional material is this article on Woman’s Day, it is so good.

2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

Most often than not, this will force you to go to the toilet. This whole process is not only healthy but a deliberate ploy to get you to be fully ready for the day. Drinking a glass of water will make your body feel better and more awake.

Drinking a glass of water will also jumpstart your metabolism for the day. You can try to set this pace in the morning and keep it up all through the day. If you have challenges increasing your daily water intake, you should read my article on how I get myself to drink more water during the day.

A lot of people find it very difficult to drink water when they wake up. What you can do is to add a little lime or lemon to spice it up. Another thing you can do is to slice in lemons.

3. Never hit snooze

As soon as your morning alarm goes off, be up. When you eat snooze, you are setting your body up to be tired when it eventually decides to stand up. As soon as your alarm goes off, stand up from your bed and take a stroll around the house. Remaining on your bed is going to be a big mistake. Your bed has all the tempting reasons to be in there for longer. Except you are convinced that the rest is needed (be truthful here), do not hit snooze!

If snoozing your alarm is that one thing you cannot help but do, why not try this simple trick? Set two alarms. Let the first one be 1 hour 30 minutes before the original/real time you would like to wake up. This is because the 90 minutes of sleep after the first alarm is a full sleep circle. This theory explains why you will be able to wake up after your REM(Rapid Eye Movement) state and not during.

Have you noticed that when you put your alarm off to sleep some more, you usually wake up around one to one and a half hours later?

4. Wash your face as soon as you are up

This works every time! You are more alive and less sleepy. As soon as you are up, go wash your face with clean water.

If you do not trust yourself to even stand up from the bed in the first place, how about keeping a spray bottle by your bed. You can just lean over to get it and spray some water all over your face. This will do the trick to cause a temperature change. This is enough to get your body alert.

5. Take a mini-stroll outside

Try to go out of your house and walk around. This will help to jumpstart your energy. If you are not going to exercise as soon as you are up, taking a stroll will help your body to settle into an energized day.

Another thing you can do is to open the blinds and take in some fresh air. This is one of the most tested and proven methods to supercharge your senses into getting ready for the day.

When you look out the window, try to take in details of nature. Studying natural details will help to become mentally alert.

6. Look forward to something

The night before, write an itinerary for the next day, more like a to-do list. Top of the list should be one of your favorite things for the day. This could be a call to your spouse, it could be a new podcast you can’t wait to listen to, it could be a call with a friend with whom your conversation is just so funfilled you would have to get off call deliberately. How about a fulfilling and beautiful time with the Lord?

Or a new breakfast recipe? You could plan that ahead by getting all of the ingredients beforehand and look forward to making it. This mental state can banish morning fatigue as you can’t wait to start your day immediately.

Which of these are you planning to add to your morning routine to banish your morning fatigue? Please share with me in the comments section.

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