How to strategically position yourself for success

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After church today, I decided that the best way to treat what I heard today was to practice and live the advice but first, there is the pressing need to make it into a blog post.

This is straight from my sermon note. My sermon note is straight from my pastor’s mouth. (Thank you, Pastor Ken). Hopefully, I am able to successfully pass on what I was taught in the church today. It is too good to keep to myself.

Strategic alignment is arranging our lives and positioning it so that God’s will for our lives is accomplished. Of course, this is a matter of choice. You can decide to live up to all that God has called you to be or not.

Here are ten things to note to help you get started with positioning yourself correctly for success in any area of your life.

1. You have to be willing to start small
Zach 4:10

Do not despise little beginnings. Of course, look forward to a brighter and better end but be willing to start off at the capacity you can kick-start with now. Don’t be ashamed to start with little. With consistency and strategy, things are going to be just right in time.

2. Be faithful in what you have in your hands

Proverbs 28:20
Just like Pastor Ken says, “small things are small things but small things with faithfulness are big things.”

Also, faithfulness is what you do/who you are when you don’t have to report to someone else. If you treat every task, every matter with such faithfulness and devotion, you might as well be preparing yourself for a bigger task.

3. Maximize relationships

You must learn how to work with people. You will always meet people on your way to success, how do you maximize what you have with them? How do you treat those under you, above you and even below you? With credible relationships, you can get to your destination faster.

4. Understand process

Don’t skip the making. Process is what prepares and matures us. God does not expect anyone to jump up. If you jump up, you might come down crashing. He expects us to climb up higher. Process is the difference between jumping up and climbing up.

While in the process, enjoy every bit of it. Stop looking forward so much to the end result that you forget to enjoy the making.

5. Utilize strategy
2 Sam 5:17
What are you doing now in your career, business, relationships, education? Is it working? If not, change the strategy. Don’t be stuck with the routine especially if it’s not bringing forth anything meaningful.

Always go to God for strategy. He knows all the steps and can see ahead so best consult him for how to move. This makes everything easier and better for you. Less energy, less time wasted.

6. Employ excellence in innovation

Treat your work with excellence. There is always a better way of doing something, find it. Wherever you are now is also not the best you can be, you can come up higher to a better level still.

7. Embrace big picture thinking

Don’t be limited by the present now. Treat your life like you have a glorious future. This will even reflect in the choices that you make. It will show in how you carry yourself, treat yourself, treat other people and even your business.

8. Solve problems

What you are doing right now, does it solves problems? If you are not solving any problems, you are as good as irrelevant. In fact, if you are not solving problems you are just occupying space.

9. Confront opposition with a winning mentality

Do not stop in the face of trouble. For an arrow to be shot, it has to be pulled backward. Use your opposition as a springboard to come up higher.

10. Streamline

Begin to shed off heavyweight. Those things that are irrelevant and dragging you backward. What relationships are pulling you back? What tasks are unnecessary? What activities are draining you? Think hard and simplify your life now.

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