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How to start a blog on Whatsapp

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Yes, you can start a blog on whatsapp. That came out weird. It’s fine if you are going to close this page and go to sleep. I mean, there is always  new, absurd stuff everyday. Today, it is Whatsapp blogging. Yeah, you really can pass on this one if you’re tired of this game of new, freaking concepts that spring up everyday.

If you aren’t, yaaaaaaaay. Let’s talk whatsapp blogging then. I am going to take a short cut. I am going to assume that every single soul reading this blog post has Whatsapp downloaded on their phones, have at a point in time used Whatsapp or have heard about Whatsapp more than once. Lazy shortcut, I know.

Since I assume everyone has Whatsapp, how then does anyone blog on whatsapp? What is whatsapp blogging and why would I ever consider blogging on whatsapp? The next series of paragraphs are all you need.


1. Whatsapp blogging is absolutely free

You are not buying a domain name, you are not worrying over hosting fees and hosting issues. All you need is a phone that can surf the internet, internet subscribtion, a SIM and the whatsapp app. Using whatsapp is free and that’s an enticing offer, really.

2. Your audience is just a chat away

What is more awesome than having your audience close to you? With whatsspp blogging, the hurdle of sourcing for traffic that will come to your traditional blog is absent.

3. Your audience is highly targeted

You are reaching your ideal and perfect audience. The people who want to listen to you are those you are connecting with and building relationships with.

4. Monetization on your whatsapp blog is effortless

If you understand the true purpose of blogging, you’d realize that it is first to connect with people who matter and are interested in your stuff. If this purpose is achieved, you’d have established trust. This kind is easier with Whatsapp Blogging. With an audience that listens, you can sell.  You can sell your products, you can sell for others, you can share your affiliate links, you can even do brand influencing.


5. It is a close substitute to email lists

So, you’re not going to sit down to write emails. You are not going to go through the stress of looking for emails, gathering them and the painful, disappointing process of filtering them. Emails are also not as close to your audience as their whatsapp chats. Your open rate is therefore going to be higher.


3 Ways to Blog on Whatsapp

Blog on whatsapp


1. Create a Broadcast list

With a broadcast list, you can choose who you want to write to. Carefully begin to select people who you know are interested in your brand and add them to your broadcast list which is your whastsapp blog.

It is important that you send these blogs to people you are more than 50% sure will be interested. If your blogs matter to your followers, you can ask them for referrals and then add these referrals to the whatsapp broadcast list.

It is however good to exercise caution here. Ask for permission, ask people giving you these referrals to also seek their permission. This is to avoid being a nuisance.

Another thing to note is how frequently you want to blog on whatsapp. So that you won’t wear your audience out or get them angry, be on a moderate side. You can ask them how frequently is too much or just blog anyway and observe how they respond.

2. ‎Create a Whatsapp group

Another way to create a whatsapp blog is to create a whatsapp group. Now, this is more tasking than a broadcast list because you really need good management and rules.

If you are going to have a clean and orderly group, you may have to work twice as hard as having a broadcast list. The good side however is that you don’t have to work too hard to add people to this list. You can just share the whatsapp group link to people who might be interested and they automatically join. Members too can share.

To further make the group a collection of people with like minds, you can create a pre-group. That way you get to intimate prospective members about the group, tell them the rules and what you hope to achieve with the group.

Viola, you are ready to blog.

3. ‎Through Whatsapp Status updates

Now, this can be a supplement to a whatsapp blog. It can even be your whatsapp blog’s advertisement channel. Where you get people to know what’s happening on your whatsapp blog.

Good thing, also, is that you don’t get to force anyone to viewing your status, it’s by choice.

Some people also get to blog on whatsapp status. The challenge, however, is that you never get to save these blogs.

In conclusion,

Starting a blog on whatsapp is rarely a topic. Like I said, it looks absurd. If you however open up to the possibility and its attendant rewards, whatsapp blogging might be the first best place for you to launch your blog. Alternatively, it might be a medium for you to cultivate part of the audience of an existing blog and drive traffic to it.

So,  what do you think of whatsapp blogging? I would really like to know your thoughts.

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