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How to resume blogging after a long break

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You have been off your blog for a while and now, going back to blogging like you used to feels strange. You are so out of touch with your blog and you are confused on where to start from again, where to pick up your pieces or whether to even resume blogging at all. You can as well just call it quits altogether now. After all, it’s your blog, not an examination.


how to resume blogging after a very long break

I understand how apart you feel from your blog. I also understand how much of a fraud you feel. There you were, months ago, actively blogging and sharing and interacting with your blog followers. You were excited about your blog and its readers. The thought of creating and sharing another beautiful blog content thrilled you and gave you multiple Yes moments. It’s all gone now.

How do you even look your blog readers in the eye? Where do you start from? Probably an announcement that you are back and you are ready to blog like you did in the good ol times? An apology, maybe? A commitment blog post, a resolution letter, something, just something. How, where are you supposed to start from?

We haven’t even talked about how defeated you feel. What about the grave feeling of self disappointment you feel as a Blogger and how bad you have beaten yourself up already? The guilt too, the feeling of being a failure. I get it. You know what? It’s fine. Let’s do this again, together, now, here, and get you back your blogging mojo. You are returning with a bang!

How to resume blogging after a long break

Determine what caused the long break and close the loop

Last week, I wrote a blog post –why you’re not serious with your blog. I strongly suggest that you go on and read that first and then come back to continue reading this blog post.

First of everything, you have to be able to point at where you missed it. What happened?

Did you lose your motivation? Did you get so busy and drained by your full time job? Did you lose focus? Did you get discouraged along the line? Do you even have a blogging purpose? Are you naturally a lazy person? What exactly is the issue? Did you run out of blogging resources (internet subscription exhausted, faulty laptop or phone, stolen camera)? You must find out before you proceed on a comeback at your blog.

Was your blog growth dragging painfully? Did you run out of blog post ideas? Do you even like your blog, what you blog about? Did someone say something to you; they probably said you were wasting your time at your blog and you thought to yourself, oh yeah, I really am. What went wrong?

If you are going to lie to everyone else, please don’t lie to yourself. Honestly find out what went wrong, what burned you out, where the problem is exactly.

Let me tell you what this searching does. It helps you avoid a repetition or the frequency of it thereof. It helps you see where to attack and how to draw an action plan. If you would truthfully find out what caused the long break and trace the loop, you are going to know what to be concerned about in your blogging journey.

Re-dedicate your life to the god of blogging

In ‘re-dedicating your life’, please be self compassionate. You may become apprehensive and scared of going back on a long break again. It’s okay to feel this way, because, sadly, in reality, you might end up taking a long break again but I want you to continue reading so that, if you get to that point again, you know how to take the blogging break.

So, decide on your blogging again, make up your mind about it. In making up your mind, after deep reflecting, you might realize that you don’t need a blog again, that’s fine too. Please, don’t shut down the blog just yet. Leave it as it is.

Set your blogging frequency

Now that you have made up your mind to make your first post after the one you made 3 months, 6 months ago, it’s time to set your blogging frequency. How much posts are you going to publish in a day, week or month. You can start gradually, from a safe place.

Determining your blogging frequency will hold you by the neck. If you set to blog twice in a week, you’d want to stand by it, especially if you told your blog readers in your welcome back post. It also helps you to avoid a burn out. If the reason you stopped blogging for such a long while was because you burned out, you really need to set a frequency.

If you have a full time job, you need to determine when you would work on content. Like I said, start gradually again. You might start with once per week or two weeks but give your readers the best of you if you are going to blog less frequently.

Build your content plan

This is where you decide what you want to go up live on your blog henceforth. Spice up your content so that you yourself enjoy producing it. Get a ton of blog post ideas ahead, a lot of it. Write down topics you hope to write on. If you need help, I can help you develop a content plan you can use for a whole year. You won’t ever run out of blog post ideas again.

Start your blog with a bang

Alright, yeah, start again. Your first blog post in a long while should go up anytime from now. So, there are two sides to what to start with. Some people say that you start again with writing your blog posts like nothing happened. Others say that you write an apology / commitment blog post as you resume back to blogging.

In my opinion, how best to start again depends on how engaged your blog readers were with you before you took a break from your blog. If your blog isn’t one that needs a blogging tribe, say, a news, general, multiniched blog, you can start all over again without an announcement. They might not have noticed you left in the first place.

If you had a loyal, listening following and blog readers who commented and communicated with you, it would be absolutely wrong to throw in a blog post at them without an explanation. They need to trust you again. It’s the internet and no, you can’t see them physically but inasmuch as we talk about traffic in numbers, we need to bear at the back of our minds that the numbers are actually people. Don’t ever be tempted to objectify your blog users because you see them in numbers on your stats dashboard. They are real humans who read your blog post.

So, get on with the blog post, share with them as usual. If you blog truthfully, come out clean to them. Tell them why you left and why you shouldn’t have done it the way you did and what you hope to change henceforth. Blogging is a conversation, so bring your readers in. There’s absolutely no blog without its readers. Ask them for help, if you need it. Tell them you want to hear more from them in the comments section if that was what discouraged you. Get them on your side. Be emotionally appealing, speak to their listening hearts.

Know when to take a break and how to do it henceforth

Last point here, know when to take a break and how to do it. Every Blogger hits a low once in a while. There are some things that you cannot control. In fact, there will be days you feel like shutting your blog off your life altogether. There are also times that you would be so overwhelmed with other things.

If you ever need to take a break, say it on the blog. You can also explain why you need the break if you have indeed built a blogging community. It doesn’t matter if your community is just three. Remember, I said that blogging is a conversation.

In conclusion, it’s okay to feel guilty about abandoning your blog. Don’t grieve for too long, map out a plan and go back to your blogging. I hope you get back soon. I would love to have you share your first blog post after a long while with me. Other blog readers may be interested too, so, I suggest you share it with us in the comments section.

I love you, Blogger.

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