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How to prepare your blog for the new year

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There’s a chance that you are planning and preparing for every other thing except your blog for the new year. I know that this is not one of the common blogging tasks to do.

Your blog is just one of those things you like to work on and talk about but until someone calls your attention to it, it isn’t on your list of things to set in order for the coming year.

That’s fine. If you would, however, take a cue from me, we can talk about things to do to get your blog set for 2019.

We are starting our blogs with a big bang, come next year. Let something scream ‘New’ about our blogs. Thankfully, we as Bloggers are not the only ones to gain immensely from the makeover. Your blog readers are going to like it, trust me.


1. Get that blog makeover

This might be the time to switch things up and give your blog some sauce and spice. If you have been holding out on it for too long, seriously consider it now. One thing about a blog design that stays too long is that it gets old and boring after some time.

If you have had the same blog design for more than 3 years now, it might be time to get a blog makeover. Some people do blog makeovers every year. That’s fine too. Be careful of too frequent blog redesigns though. It might piss some of your readers off. Every year might be too much for your type of niche, so consider well.

The new year is a good excuse to get things sparkly and interesting. You can get someone to do a blog redesign for you if you are not familiar with your blog’s elements. If you would like me to get your blog pimped up, send me a mail at You can alternatively drop your comments below this post.

Things to consider for your new blog design are:

A new blog theme

This is the best time to change your overall blog theme. A new blog theme is going to give your blog a totally different look and feel even if you do nothing else about your blog’s redesign.

A stunning header

Your blog’s header is a good place to start as it is the most prominent section of your blog. If your blog header is right, it can give your blog a 50% overall makeover.

Declutter your sidebar

Somehow, some people do not get to remember expired Ads and other notice boards that do not apply anymore. You can get these things off your blog now. Get yourself a neater blog sidebar.

Change your blog layout

If you have a column of two, you might think of switching to three or one. You might change your sidebar from right to left, you might change your footer to a column of three. You might make your sidebar or blog post area wider. Whatever works best will give your blog a different feel.

Edit categories

You might have to add new categories and remove the unnecessary ones. This is like decluttering your entire blog. It makes no sense to have a category for “short stories” if you have just two stories that were written three years ago. This will make your blog look stale and not well updated.


This is if you want this though. It might not be wise to totally change your blog colours. If you feel that the colours you currently have to not communicate your style or fit your blog, this is a good time to change them.


Changing your font style can help to make your blog as mesmerizing as you want it to be. Be careful not to have too many fonts on your blog. Two to three font styles overall are safe.

If you need more inspiration for doing a blog makeover, Blogging Wizard has a nice checklist of things you can do.

2. Invest in your blog

If you have thought of doing some things to get your blog fly, the new year is a nice time to make those things a reality. Buy that camera, get your domain name, migrate to a self-hosted blog, employ writers, redesign your blog, pay for new meals to review, just do something that is going to take your blog to another level.

Investing in your blog does not in any way mean that you have to break the bank. Just a little here and a little there, you are getting your blog up to speed.

I understand that it might be a difficult thing if your finances are still all over the place, that’s fine. You can invest more time and energy this new year.

Money usually makes things faster but if you can’t afford some things, while you wait, invest time and other things you can afford. Be intentional about your blog this new year.

I have a very good post on how to invest in your blog here. This will give you more ideas on things you can do with your money for your blog.

3. Launch a new monetization plan for your blog

If you have never considered making money from your blog through sponsored posts, direct advertisements, affiliate marketing or even selling physical products, you might want to launch this in 2019.

I know that a lot of bloggers are usually very comfortable with Google AdSense and the likes but that is not all of the options you have as regards making money from your blog.

In fact, if you are very good at something not too many people know about, how about you consider writing and launching a course on your blog?

There are so many ways to make money from your blog, please be open to all the possibilities. It would be unfair for you to throw away potential sources of income as a Blogger in 2019.

In fact, I wrote a post here about an unconventional way to make money as a Blogger. You don’t necessarily have to make money directly from your blog all the time.

4. Add a new blog segment

This is more like spicing up your content plan. It is possible that you have been dying to talk about a certain experience in series or you want to make your blog more interesting by adding some columns that readers are going to like, do it now.

This might be flash fiction series, a new type of review, style inspo, new recipes, anything you find fascinating and worth adding to make your blog sparkle.

5. Reevaluate your blogging processes

What have you been doing right or wrong? What do you have to change? How do you get to follow your blogging schedule better this new year?

If you have never or do not check your blog stats, do so before the new year. With this, you would know what things to replicate given that they give the most results. Your stats are also a cue to things that you might need to stop doing in the new year.

I think that every blogger should have Google Analytics installed on their blogs. With Google Analytics, you get to see more than just the normal post visit count. You know how much time people spend on your post. You know what posts cause people to stay longer on your blog, what posts cause the most bounce rate and how to improve on them.

Do a good blog content audit for your blog for the new year. Decide to stick to the plan. Set things in place to enable them. If you have to get a better smartphone, do so if you have the means. If you have to repair your dead system, do a better data subscription, buy a new system, get a camera, do them to make things happen.

Get serious with your blog in 2019!

In conclusion, 

The new year is a great time to relaunch your blog with a bang. Plan and prepare to make your blog one of the best corners to visit on the internet.

What are you going to do to get your blog up to speed this new year? How can I help you achieve them? Please share in the comments section.

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