How to Prepare Thick Egusi Soup. Yummy!

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Lumpy, thick and yummy egusi soup


Preparation of lumpy, thick and yummy Egusi soup in less than an hour

Many Nigerians love to eat egusi soup. However, preparation of egusi soups vary from tribes to tribe. One of the very many challenges people have is how to make thick egusi soup. Today I shall take us through the preparation of thick egusi soup generally accepted by all tribes.

Ingredients for preparation of Egusi soup

Stock (omi eran)
Assorted meats (inu Eran)
Stock fish or dried fish
Locust beans(optional)
Palm oil
Seasoning and salt
Pumpkin (Ugu)
Bitter leaf (optional)

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Preparation of ingredients

1. Grind your egusi to powdered form
2. Wash meats, season and cook till tender
3. Wash and blend pepper, put in a  clean plate
4. Wash stock fish or dried fish and put in a separate plate/bowl
5. Wash locust beans and put in a separate plate
6. Wash your pumpkin leaf and cut into small and thin sizes.
7. Wash your bitter leaf  and cut into small and thin sizes

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Method of preparing thick egusi soup

1. Remove meat from the pot and let the stock (omi Eran) keep boiling, you can add more seasoning and salt if need be.
2. Mix your egusi with a little bit of water but let the egusi absorb moisture
3. Put little by little into the stock (omi Eran)
4. Cover till it has boiled for like 10 minutes, stir and use your spoon to cut the egusi into smaller pieces, if the lumps it formed is too big for you.
5. Add pepper, add palm oil, stir.
6. Add meat and fish
7. Stir and cover
8. Check for salt and readiness
9. Add pumpkin leaf (ugwu)
10. Add bitter leaf,  stir and allow to cook for 5 minutes

Our thick and lumpy egusi is ready. Yummy.

Photo credit: Wivestownhallconnection

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