how to cook Ogbono soup

How to Prepare Ogbono Soup in 30 minutes or less!

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Ogbono soup is also known as Ogbolo soup or apon, in Yoruba. Ogbono’s soup nutritional value is immense. It was one of the soups I hated growing up tho’. Mumsi would make this soup and for the umpteenth time, we would scream all sorts of negativity at the soup and its accompanying solid and even the animals inside. Oh, we hated it.

I want to guess it was because mumsi cooked it like the typical Yoruba woman would. It was mostly too plain for our liking. I, personally, did not like that it was too thick. Mumsi’s ogbono soup draws like, jeez. We rarely make it at home anymore tho’. I feel we have forgotten all there is to this draw soup at home now, can’t say why.

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In this blog post, I will teach you how to prepare ogbono soup so much that you wouldn’t have to detest it like I did growing up.

The type of ogbono soup we will learn how to prepare today is the igbo type. Igbo people have so many soups, I tell you. One would imagine how they concoct these dishes. I would like to think they have a soup for every type of leaf whatsoever. Kidding though.

Back to the point here, we will, together, go through the process of making the ogbono soup in such a very short time, the ingredients for ogbono soup and what you can eat ogbono soup with.

Ingredients for ogbono soup

Meat, chicken, turkey or fish

Ogbono seeds (ground)

Crayfish (ground)

Chopped vegetables of your choice

Dry fish and pomo


Ground pepper

Palm oil

Stock fish

How to prepare ogbono soup

  1. Soak the dry fish and stock fish in hot water. Let it be soft enough for you to be able to remove the dirt.
  2. Next, parboil your meat.
  3. Pour some more water into your meat and add dry fish and stock.
  4. Add the palm oil, crayfish, cover and cook for about 10-12 minutes.
  5. Add your pepper, salt and seasoning.
  6. Add the ground ogbono, stir and cool for some minutes until you now like the consistency.
  7. Now add the vegetables of your choice and allow to cook for a few minutes

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That easy! Ogbono is one of the easiest draw soups to cook. You can even go minimalist on your soup accessories, depending on how much money you have. I used to cook ogbono in school when I was broke because all I needed to get was the seeds, grind and then add pepper, seasoning and palm oil.

I have a friend who would mix everything together, pour into the pot and just leave to simmer. Guys, it would turn out so nice too. You won’t believe it. This soup, as long as you have the seeds is the go to, staple soup for students who don’t want to go through too much of stress cooking in school.

You can eat your ogbono soup with semo, eba, fufu or pounded yam.

Have you made ogbono before? Would you like to prepare it very soon ?

Sisi Yemmie’s Ogbono soup

Did you learn how to cook The Sisiyemmie Ogbono soup? The sisiyemmie Ogbono soup is one that you don’t want to miss as it is simple, explanatory and easy to prepare. The Sisiyemmie Ogbono soup comes with a very different style and method of preparation.

How to prepare Ogbono soup with Okro video


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