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How to never run out of blog post ideas

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Blog post ideas

Generating blog post ideas is one of the very many challenges Bloggers face. Writer’s block is so rude that it sets in anytime.

Saddening is that your blog readers want more of you, they want to read what newest thought, information, experience that you have to share. You have them waiting for you and this puts a lot of pressure on your overall blogging.

How do you keep them satisfied? How do you generate tons and tons of blog post ideas?


Be present

I say this a lot on social media. Having content for your blog, social media, email blasts etc. requires that you be inquisitive. It requires that you be present and observant. If you are a food Blogger for example, be open to new recipes that you stumble on anywhere even on the streets. You’d be surprised where inspiration can come from.

While everyone is lazily talking about a flimsy topic, make something good out of it. This is not to pressurize yourself so much that you are drained of the joy that normal conversations or events bring.

This is practice. When you constantly practise milking juice out of seemingly unimportant issues, you’ll find it easier to generate blog post ideas without feeling overwhelmed.

Answer questions as blog posts

I learnt this from a friend. Make it a habit to reply questions as blog posts. If you are a skin care Blogger for example and someone is asking a question that would need a lengthy answer, promise to answer in another blog post if it is a good material.

If someone asks you a question on your social media channel(s), tell them to watch out for the answer on your blog. You can give them teasing answers that will make them anticipate the blog post. This is another way to get readers interested in your blog.

This blog post for example, is as a result of frequently asked questions I get from my clients and all over social media. Even though I already put them through on what to do, I have decided to share a bit of them here.

Be alert to trends

What’s happening right now? What can you talk about this moment? If what is generating the buzz is something that agrees with your niche, why not?

Interestingly, you can even make anything, I mean, anything fall in line with your blogging niche if you must talk about it.

Use Google alert and Google trends to stay current on things that you can generate blog post ideas from.

Listen to your audience

What are their struggles? What are they frequently talking about in their online groups? Ask them what they would like to read more of on your blog.

In fact, ask for specific topics they would like you to write about. Stay close to your readers. Be on some of the groups you can find your ideal blog reader.

Always write

Don’t shut down a silly idea or a weird thought. How do you think some people come up with two articles daily? We are talking about people who write more than 2,000 words everyday. Don’t be under pressure to do exactly what they do.

All I am asking is that you learn from their methods and that is, write everyday. Make it a point of duty to write something, an experience, a lesson, a rant, anything. When you need blog post, this might be developed into something proper.

Start a series or a theme

This is what it means. Pick on some topic you know you can write so many things about. If you are a fashion blogger for example and you know many things about fabrics, you can weave a theme around fabrics for a month:

Where to find original fabrics, how to identify unique fabrics,  how much should you spend on your fabrics, different types of fabrics etc.

Or you can talk exhaustively about thrift clothing a.k.a, okirika, bend-down-select.  Where to find quality thrift clothes, popular thrift stores in Lagos, how to identify quality thrift clothes, how to start an okirika business etc.

Read other blogs

What are your favorite Bloggers writing about? Are there topics of which you have a different opinion about? How can you substantiate a Blogger’s view about something on your own blog?

Do you know that you can find a month’s worth of blog posts from just reading other people’s blogs and developing content around them too? I really don’t have to start to explain what plagiarizing their content does to your brand. You know that already.

Read comments on their blogs and answer some of the questions on your own blog. Since you have similar audiences, watch out for what they are constantly asking and curious about. Write something quality on it and generate tons of ideas from reading these people.

Connect with other Bloggers and brainstorm with them too. It’s really fun, I tell you. You may even end up collaborating with them.

Have a blog post time table

Have what you write on different days of the week or different weeks of the month, depending on how frequently you blog. An example is if you are a relationship Blogger and you blog everyday. Your blog post time table could look like this:

Monday – Married only
Tuesday – Quick Relationship tips
Wednesday – Makeup or breakup stories
Thursday – Relationship articles
Friday – Relationship teasers
Saturday – Events: e.g proposals, weddings etc
Sunday – Long distance relationships

This is just an example of what can get you constantly writing. If you know that you have to write on relationship teasers just once a week, you can gather as much ideas you need for a month. You only need four of them.

Identify what inspires you

You know, you can get a lot of blog post ideas from what inspires you. From where do you have an influx of ideas? Do you have a rush in the bathroom, on the toilet bowl, watching a movie, at events, discussing with people?

Identify what gives you inspiration and tap from that source. Do you know that I sometimes find inspiration during my quiet time. I stop to write them down. That’s divine help and I don’t toss it away for any reason. It would be irresponsible of me to waste a word from the Lord.

Recycle old content

This could be content from anywhere. It could be your old blog posts, Facebook post from 1 year ago (you know Facebook now reminds you of posts from year(s) ago on that same date). If you have a lot of blog posts, you can make a month’s blog posting an edit of some of your oldest content.

This not only gives you new content, it helps you to rewrite outdated content, remove irrelevant or broken links, correct an outdated idea, improve on the search ranking of the blog post and give the post more visibility.

How do you get blog post ideas? I would be glad to know your methods too.

P. S – if you like this blog post and you find it useful, I would be glad to have you share it with other Bloggers. It would mean a whole lot to me to have this message spread. Thank you.

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