How to make your wigs last longer

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Many of us who use wigs don’t bother about how to make these wigs last longer. As long as it’s  just a bad hair day saver we are just good to go. If you didn’t know, your wigs are hair… buhahahahahahahahahaha and hair needs maintenance, hair gets dirty, hair should not be over combed etc.

Wigs have actually been an awesome hair innovation. I mean, it helps in adding volume to thin air, protecting natural hair and also for emergency situations. Wigs transform you from Sister Mary to Coco Chanel in just a twinkle of an eye. Who wants to sit at the salon all day? But really, the importance of wigs is just very pronounced.

Synthetic wigs can last longer than we ever thought. I bet some of us buy synthetic wigs and discard as soon as they begin to tangle. We can actually get them to never tangle if we know how to care for them. The human hair wig even though more durable, quality and lasting also needs to be taken care of else, it will end up losing colour, shape or even tangling. Yes, human hair wigs tangle, if you don’t maintain them well. You can read this article on how to make your human hair wig last longer. 

So let’s consider some of the dos and don’ts of making wig last longer.



*Use good quality wig brush when styling.

It’s more efficient in detangling than wide tooth comb and normal hair brushes. In any case, study your wigs well and know which brush or comb is right. You most likely don’t need combs or brushes for some type of wigs. All you need to do is apply cream and throughly brush with your hands to smoothness. Using anything otherwise may not let the wig last longer.

*Wash regularly

At most after using it for ten times, to prevent it from smelling or having a dull appearance. Soak it in a basin of water and shampoo for 5mins. Run fingers through it to wash thoroughly. Rinse, Place on wig stand and allow to dry naturally.

*Store properly to retain shape and style.

Buy a non- expensive wig stand or stuff newspaper balls in it. You can also put your wigs on the edge of your bed. Make sure it is not a sharp edge.



*Keep away from heat

Washing with hot water, blow drying or even cooking with it on should be avoided. If you really have to use hot equipment on your wig, use the lowest setting possible. You should also use a lot of styling products to help protect the heat from direct contact with the hair strands of the weak.

*Do not rub or shake it when it’s wet, to avoid tangling

It’s just like what you would say for your hair. When you keep tugging at it when wet, you will allow the stands pull from its base after a while. Leave it to naturally dry, properly oil and then shake or comb.

*Do not use human hair products on synthetic wigs

You might think you are doing your synthetic wig a favour by using human hair products on them but the end result is that it stiffles the synthetic wig. Shea butter or normal wig oil are your best bets. Coconut oil for your synthetic wig is very cool.

*Do not wear a particular wig for too long

It is always very good to have two or more wigs if you really want to do ’em wigs for a long time. Switch them up and don’t wear one for more than a month or two so that you can wash and dry.

*Do not fold it, to keep in shape.

For when you are travelling, stuff it with newspapers and then fold it. You can alternatively get wig packs and bags. As soon as you are back, let it out.

*Avoid too much styling

Wigs are not as strong as your natural hair. Natural hair has its source of life from your head scalp. This is not same for wigs that have already been made. You can style as much as you want but avoid the constant tugging and twisting. Don’t make the styles too tight from the base. Losen up from the root and make tight at the ends if you must.

Following these steps, you can easily elongate the life span of your wig.

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