Nigerian puff puff

How to make puff puff, Nigerian style

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How to do puff puff, Esther Adeniyi

Puff puff is a staple Nigerian snack, this is why learning how to make puff puff is an achievement sis. If you know how to prepare puff puff, especially the Nigerian, peppered puff puff, please take that to the bank. To think that puff puff ingredients are simple household stuff has made the puff puff recipe all the more easy and interesting.

I used to wonder why there is a special Nigerian puff puff. I hear that there is also a Cameroon puff puff recipe. That one will surely have plenty pepper, let me know if you are from Cameroon and I am right or wrong.

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Thing is, Nigerians, we know how to spice up the most ordinary of meals. Of all the snacks that we have in Nigeria, puff puff seems to be the most popular. The closest to this is Nigerian buns.

Haven’t you wondered why there are usually so many puff puff balls in a pack of small chops? I don’t know if I like the puff puff we find in that selection anyway. It is usually too sugary.

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The original, authentic and perfect Nigerian puff puff isn’t oversalted or oversweetened. In fact, some people add pepper to their puff puff ingredients. I tasted it once and it was so tasty. It was at a party some years back. I haven’t tasted the peppered Nigerian puff puff in a while.

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Should I also shock you? Some people also make puff puff with milk. Yes, you can now spoil your mouth.

This puff puff recipe is the normal one, the one with which these roadside and party cooks use for their package.

Nigerian puff puff main ingredients

1. Flour
2. Nutmeg (powerded)
3. ‎Yeast
4. Salt
5. Granulated sugar
6. Vegetable oil

How to make puff puff

1. Mix all of your dry ingredients together. Pour your flour,  add a pinch of nutmeg, sugar and a little of your powdered yeast. You then mix all of these together.

2. Next, you add water to this mixture but gradually. Make sure you are mixing this with your hand. Mix until the consistency is fine.

3. Add your yeast to the mixture. This will make your puff puff paste rise If you however want it to rise faster, you can use warm water the whole time.

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I hear that some people make puff puff without yeast, I have no idea how that works. If you do, please share with me in the comments section below.

4. Continue mixing this until you have something that is smooth.  The consistency should be in the middle of hard and soft. Just make sure it gradually flows off your spoon.

5. ‎Now, it’s time to cover the bowl with aluminum foil.

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6. Let the batter in the bowl rise. It’s always better to start preparing your puff puff early so that you give it some time to rise.  About 40-50 minutes is safe.

7. Heat up your oil. It’s better to use a deep pot than a flat frying pan. This will help the puff puff to be immersed into the oil and allow for proper frying.

8. When the oil is hot, scoop some batter into the oil using your inner palm. Press the batter out of your palm until a sizeable amount comes out.

9. Do this for all of the puff puff balls that can be in the pot. When the underside of your Nigerian puff puff is brown, turn it over so that the other side can fry.

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10. Scoop out your puff puff balls into a sieve. You can line this sieve with tissue paper so that the oil will be absorbed

That’s all, you have made your puff puff in 10 easy steps. This is how easy it is to make your Nigerian puff puff.

Is there another method with which you make your puff puff?  Please share with me.

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This puff puff image is gotten from

How to make peppered puff puff – video


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Did you enjoy this compilation? Are you going to try the Nigerian puff puff soon? Let me know in the comments section if you know how to make puff puff.

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