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How to make people fall hopelessly in love with your blog

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Blogging is a lifestyle. I say this every time because at its core, it is what you do and who you are. It’s a known fact that a lot of people blog for money and just money alone. No money and they are quitting as fast as Usain Bolt.


I haven’t said that making money from your blog is not important. This is what I am trying to say, you should blog because you love it, because you are proud to do it, because you want to express yourself,
inform, inspire, motivate, entertain or connect with people.
Financial rewards are going to come whether you like it or not, believe me. I have taken time to really talk about the issue ofmonetization as the ultimate reason for your blogging because in understanding its woes, you understand why people are probably not liking your blog. You should not only aim for people to like your blog, they should fall in love with it. Hopelessly!
Let me tell you why one of your blogging goals is to make people fall crazily in love with your blog.
-They become your advocates. These are the people that will recommend your blog to friends and family. What better way is it to market something than have a satisfied client do it for you? Referrals are one of the best traffic sources, asides from search engines anyway.
-‎Other bloggers will be excited, willing and eager to link to your blog. Let me tell you what linking to your blog does for your blog- it makes search engines trust you more, your organic traffic, as a result increases and oh well, your link is in places where people can click from in addition. Such exposure!
Okay, let’s cut right to the chase. How do you make fall hopelessly in love with your blog.
1. Be yourself
Listen, in making your blog a place where people will never
get tired of staying, you need to own and maintain your voice. You need to be yourself. Express yourself like you normally would elsewhere. If you are trying to be someone else or you are trying to pattern your blog, your writing, your style after a popular blogger, you will burn out easily, you will become frustrated
and people will lose their trust in you.
As scary as this sounds, people can see through you! It may take a while but they will. In trying to become other bloggers, you lose yourself in the process. There is this inconsistency that comes with it. You sound like a confused, erratic blogger. One day your header is changed, another you are changing the entire layout of your blog. The following week, you are now blogging gossip. You are going to destroy your personality and your blog.
Be yourself! Let people like and come to fall in love with
the real you. Only then will they fall in love with you blog and your brand as a whole. Be transparent enough to express like you express on social media, like you would express in the midst of your friends. Your blog is no different. It is an extension of who you are, it is an extension of your literary side.
If you really can’t write short stories, don’t start a blog for that purpose. If you don’t like the idea of gossip blogging, do not become a gossip blogger. Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. People fall in love with original people and their brands.
2. Listen to them
Really listen to your blog readers. It doesn’t matter if you are good at what you do. You really can’t know all of what they want by just throwing it at them.
Let me tell you something you should live by. You blog is by you for them. Did you get that? Your blog is your online property but it is for your online readers. You have to be able to strike a balance between how you would love to express and what your readers would love.
You can conduct opinion polls. Ask them what they would like to read more. Ask them what they do not like to see on the blog. Ask them what they think about the blog generally. Be open in this process. You may not be able to incorporate every single thing they say but you can get clues here and there that conform with your voice. Bring them in! Let them be involved in your blogging process.
Your blog readers are priority! Interact with them and
respond to their comments.
3. Fulfill your promise
What have you promised them? To blog once in a week? Have you promised to post an interesting blog post everyday? Fulfill it!
Become a consistent blogger. A consistent blogger makes posts as according to schedule. You don’t have to make posts everyday or every hour. To be consistent is to make a comfortable blogging schedule and live by
Become accountable to your blogging. There are so many blogs out there and so if you don’t make your blog priority, people are never going to fall in love with your blog.
4. Build a beautiful home
Your blog readers will fall hopelessly in love with your blog if your blog is stunning. Have a beautiful blog design that makes a statement. Keep your blog layout simple and easy to navigate.
Internally link your blog posts to one another so that your blog posts are useful. This will also help your SEO. Let your brand colours be beautiful. Don’t let the colours clash recklessly.
5. Stop distracting them!
One big mistake people make is to scatter ads on their blogs. Another one is to have too many pop ups. If you are a blogger, you visit another person’s blog and you have two or three pop ups come out subsequently just after you have barely spent 20 seconds, would you love it? No!


When people fall in love with your blog, it will be easy to
get readers who are willing to share your blog on their social media pages and
with friends and family.Photo credit: The African Dream

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