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How to make payments on NYSC Portal

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As people are preparing for their NYSC, more and more prospective Nigerian Youth Corps Members are accessing the NYSC portal everyday. Some people find it easy to do while it’s been a little bit difficult for some to make payments on the NYSC portal.

Before the registration portal closes, we can give you a download and explanatory process on how to register on the official NYSC portal.

Continue reading below if you have been wondering and confused on how to pay.

How to make payments on NYSC portal

If you have not registered and/or paid for your orientation program, read on how to make payments on the portal with these simple and very self-explanatory steps.

  1. Go to the portal home page, http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/
  2. As soon as you are on the page, click on “Login”.
  3. You can then enter your email ID and password to gain entry.
  4. After then, you click on “click here to make payment” button.
  5. As soon as you are able to login, click on “Proceed to Payment,” once the payment confirmation page is displayed. You will then be redirected to the Payment Engine with various payment options.

Option A: For Cards and Wallet Payments;

  1. Click on “Pay now with Cards or Wallets”
  2. Provide your card details, pin and any other information required. When the transaction is successful, the redirect URL is loaded. Click on the status of the transaction.

Option B: Paying in any Bank Branch:

  1. Copy the RRR number generated by NYSC portal and take to any of the approved banks. Click on “see available bank branches” to view the banks.
  2. After making the payment at the bank branch, you can check payment status on the URL:https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_remita. Input your transaction reference number/email id or phone number used in registering online.
  3. Click on “continue” to query and view the transaction detail.
  4. 11. Click on “Get status” to view the details of payments

Have you been able to make payments on the NYSC portal? Share with us your challenges and some important steps we might have missed here. Have fun at NYSC camp.

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