How to Maintain Your Online Integrity as a Blogger

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This is a repost. I was reading my blog archive and I found this extremely useful. I am hoping it will reach more people, especially bloggers this time around. 

With the
rise of blogging as a career, a lot of competition has arisen and it’s only
expected that people want to drive traffic, massive traffic towards their
blogs. However, in the search of readers, there is something that every blogger
should never consider losing-online integrity. Let me mention that it is
possible to lose it before knowing and bitter truth is that redeeming is
costly. The internet is relationship with different sets of people and like
relationships, redeeming trust is almost impossible like that. Here are a few
tips to help you maintain your online integrity as a blogger.

Stay on your lane
When the
news of Linda Ikeji buying a house broke the internet, lay men began to see
other Nigerian bloggers as lazy and not just competent. I personally know a few
of my blogger friends who ported to reporting news, celebrity gossip and
entertainment. One grievous mistake they made, however, was that the theme and
title of their blogs remained the same. Imagine that a hair stylist all of a
sudden buys a sewing machine and begins to practise tailoring in the same hair
styling shop. Weird right? That’s exactly how weird it is when you do not stay
on your lane.
friend of mine (not a blogger) asked me to go desperate with sourcing for
traffic. ‘How?’ I asked. ‘Do what Linda Ikeji too is doing naaaaau. You need to
start doing these things too’, he replied. I couldn’t convince him much of the
havoc that can cause to my blog but I politely explained how gibberish he
sounded. Moreover, he sounded very Nigerian. (Forgive my plainness; we need
correct thinking in the country). Please, do not compromise; it can ruin all
your hard work.
Never copy and paste
Well well
well. If you are a blogger who copies and pastes stuff, you don’t have to be
lectured too deeply to know that this is for you. A tech blogger I met some
time ago on a hot Sunday afternoon on campus confessed to copying and pasting
and how he knows that it is bad and very inappropriate but ‘I need articles on the
site because I am looking for traffic o’. I shook my head in utter disappointment
and the realization that moving ahead in the discussion will be a waste of
time. I would first of all have had to help him debug that ‘copy and paste’ mentality
and that was going to take a hell of a time; so I simply walked away from the
discourse. Don’t do that, do not copy and paste because if you do to get
traffic you will eventually lose it when you are discovered. What exactly is
the point then?
Man your emotions
I know that
this can be difficult for lifestyle and/or personal bloggers because this
portion of the internet affords you the opportunity to release and have a way
to channel your frustration. Thing is that while you are boiling hot, a reader
might just be enjoying a glass of champagne on a water bed. That post of yours
may become offensive in the long run. Things you wouldn’t say assuming you were
‘sane’ might be uttered and that can destroy everything. It can make you appear
unstable. It’s okay to rant but controlling your emotions which can reflect in
your language is very important. If you are very angry, take some time to cool
off and write your first post as regards that matter (if you must) on a less
serious platform, say bbm or your personal Facebook timeline.
Be original
Every writer
has a voice and finding it is a very big achievement. Readers can sense it when
you are trying too hard to write and sound like someone else. This has a way of
putting people off if you don’t know. In addition to putting your readers off
and losing your space, you will get yourself tired quickly. Trying to talk like
Jennifer Lopez is exhausting, don’t you think? Sooner or later, you lose the
vibe, will not be able to provide what they want and eventually, it is over.
So, there
you go. Any other tips?

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