How to let go of the past and move on

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Happy women who have let go of the past

Sometimes we are stuck in the past and can’t seem to move on from its events. Your childhood may be full of bitter memories, your past relationships might have been full of a lot of abuse, you might have had a disappointingly slow career due to controllable/uncontrollable issues and you are because of that still complaining and unhappy and just stuck overall. It’s time to let go of the past and move on.

I know that moving on might seem quite an impossible thing to do given the volume or severity of your hurts and pains but that’s a lie you have told yourself. Today, you are going to make up your mind to let go of the past and move on with power.

See what you can do to let go of the past and move on:

Accept and own your story

accept and own your story

So many times we live in denial of the horrible things that have happened to us. We never want anybody to know about it. We are afraid of what they might think of us, how they might assess us or behave towards us just after they know we were abused, we failed most of the time or we just had an ugly past overall.

The moment you accept that these things happened to you and there was very little you could do about them due to ignorance or lack of know-how, the better. Fall in love with your story especially now that you are a survivor.

Tell your story like no one else has done because this will strengthen so many other people going through it or are about to go through. It is also a relief to people who have also gone through whatever it is you want through in the past.

There is definitely something about knowing you are not the only one who had to go through unpleasant things. This helps you understand that there was little you could have done and that’s if you could have done anything. It helps you understand that it wasn’t your fault. Even if your ugly past was your fault, there is nothing you can do about it now, it’s time to let go.


Forgive yourself and forgive others who have wronged you in the past. It’s time to release people who have caused you hurt or pain. To forgive someone who has hurt you badly in any way in the past, you might need to empathize with them. I know that this may sound just unforgiving on its own but would you give it a try?

Why did they behave the way they did? Why did your University deny you of having a first class even though you deserved it? You might need to objectively assess the situation and imagine what you would have done if you were in their shoes.

Imagine for example, how you would have treated a partner if you have mental issues that you yourself didn’t know about. You just became violent and in the process hurt other people who found it difficult to see what was wrong with you ‘upstairs’.

Be grateful for the positive things

Look within and count your blessings. Thank God for all he has done for you. Be grateful for the things that are good and just awesome. Look how far you have come and have a grateful heart. There are definitely some good things that have happened to you, look at those and dwell on them more than on the negative things.

Release yourself and be ready for awesome things

The best is yet to come for you. This is just a fact. Whatever you went through in the past stays in the past. Be ready and prepared for the beautiful things ahead of you. Don’t let the past and its memories rob you of the beautiful future ahead.

It’s time to let go of the past and move on powerfully.

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