How to leave work at work : stop taking work home with you

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Work can be quite overwhelming if you never get to finish it at work. Achieving work-life balance is very imperative if we must be productive at home too. It is sometimes almost impossible to achieve this balance to be honest, but a few changes and adjustments here and there will make the difference.

Because of the tough deadlines a lot of people have to meet, they find it very difficult to leave work at work. They take work home with them so that they can meet up and impress their bosses. When they are not working, they are constantly thinking about work and how to get things done.

The problem with this is that there is no space to exhale. Life in this kind of situation is choking. They are not able to pause or slow down. Gradually, they begin to experience a reduced quality of living.

I say this from personal experience. It was very difficult to completely forget about work and just go rest, have fun or have a nice time at home or with friends and family.

Now that I am a full time Blogger, my friends think that I am not as busy as I was when I was a part time Blogger but this is not so. It can be quite difficult for me to leave work at work too. If I do not watch it, I am working round the clock, non-stop.

Now that we have established that it is a common thing to take work home and that we all have or are experiencing the same issues, how do we leave work at work? How can we achieve balance? How do we pull the plug?

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How to leave work at work, stop taking work home

Build a routine of transition

Create a transition between work and home or work and fun outings. Do something or put yourself in positions that help you mentally mark the end of work and the beginning of something else.

Make it a routine. It could be a deliberate shut down of your system and then a mini chat with your colleagues about something not work related. In this case, you are not putting your system to sleep or hibernate, you are shutting it down completely.

It could be a stop at a favorite restaurant or relaxation centre. It could be a shut down of all work related apps. If you are going to have fun from work, like watch a movie or go out with friends, you might want to switch off your internet to avoid the temptation of looking at notifications.

Communicate with your immediate bosses

If there is a customary dump of tasks that are unending and never seem to finish, you might have to communicate with your bosses especially if it is eating into your personal time in a way much more than you can handle.

Usually, it is best to have a way out or an alternative way to suggest that the extra tasks be handled. This is so that the work relief eventually happens and it is not left as a dream that never comes true.

Try to maximize your work hours

Don’t waste work hours if you have a lot of things to do. If you know that chatting away and taking several naps will leave you with unfinished tasks, do not engage in them. Use your work hours wisely so that you can at the end of the day be justified. You did your part to the best of your knowledge.

There are instances and situations where you have no choice than to take work home with you but this is not supposed to be everytime. You can work with the very rare occurrence of that and not make or a habit.

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