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How To Keep Your Braids Neat And Last Longer As A Naturalista

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Hi guys (of course I’m talking to ’em ladies). Trust you’ve been good. How’s the weather treating you?


Anyway, it’s been a mixed one here( I’ll tell you how if you want to know sha).

OK, I know as a naturalista (as we the natural hair slayers are called), there’s this great urge to rock and slay in braids but the thought of how long it will last without your tips poking out of the braid groove becomes a headache?, especially with the thought of the hike in attachment price?. How do you keep your braids neat?

Worry no more babe, I gat you, we will talk about how to keep braids neat. This is the easiest hack so far and it helped keep my braids intact for 6 weeks(mehn, I tried) and I had to take it out because I was tired of the hair and not for the fact that it was rough.

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Back to the matter. After braiding and boiling the braid for a smooth feel, apply styling mousse in a generous quantity. Be very generous with it. (Personally, I prefer the Above styling mousse to Nova Gold. I stick with Nova Gold in the absence of Above. And it’s the other way round with the oil sheen ?).

At night, you should tie the hair in a scarf (preferably satin). I know not everyone can be so diligent. But those are the two easy steps to keeping your braids neat. It is also how to make your braids last longer.

So, braid that hair, and rock it weeelll.


Article by Omoyele Oluwa

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