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How to have the most productive week ever

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Here’s why productivity is a big deal: it can cause your profits as an individual and a business to grow exponentially. We are referring to profits of any kind and this can manifest in the form of fulfillment, more revenue, better health, stronger work, and casual relationships.

Straight to the good stuff

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how to have the most productive week ever , Esther Adeniyi, 9  to 5 chic, career

1. Wake up early every day

I assure you, you can’t ever know how extremely productive this simple lifestyle change can bring you into until you decide to practice and actually practice it.

Waking up early sets you in the right mood to anticipate your day. While others are still sleeping, you are taking advantage of the coolness of the morning to set things in order. The energy boost you feel at this time of the day is unquantifiable. You are ready!

This is the first step to having a very productive day and if you are committed to doing this every day, a productive week.

If you are finding it difficult to wake up early every day, this post is what you should go read right now. I show you practical ways to get up as early as 5 AM every day.

2. Do not multitask

I know that multitasking is that one skill a lot of people want to have but is it a result oriented skill? Multitasking can kill your productivity and get you to do everything but accomplish nothing.

Complete your tasks one by one this week. Make this a deliberate step to take this week. Do not be tempted to juggle in tasks and switch in between them because you are under pressure.

This is what you can do to avoid multitasking

  • Write down all that you have on your mind in lists
  • Separate the ones that are actionable steps to take
  • Then prioritize them in order of importance
  • Set to work, one by one.

3. “No” is probably that one word you should use more often than you do right now

Ain’t nothing superhuman about taking on more tasks than you can handle. If you cannot handle that one more task and you honestly can’t find anyone to delegate it to, politely turn it down especially if it isn’t going to kill anyone if left untouched.

4. Power down your perfectionist self

Think about what perfectionism has caused you in times past. Did you know that it might also be responsible for your procrastination a.k.a nothing ever gets done until it is too late?

Focus on completing tasks and of course, excellently but don’t obesses over tiny details that can and should even slide. It is killing your productivity. You are wasting time, complicating matters and stressing your team members.

5. Do it now!

Is it something you can do now? Or should even do now? Do it. Don’t push your Monday tasks to Tuesday just because. It is much worse to delay Friday tasks until the following week. It is only going to add up and turn around to affect your productivity.

Do the hardest tasks as soon as you are settled in because you are at your freshest and fastest. Don’t push them away because they scare you.

6. Plan something to look forward to

This might be a football game with your colleagues or a movie night out with your friend. Anticipating interesting moments will cause you to deliver with more joy, especially if your job is full of a lot of routines.

One great trick is to look forward to lunchtime at work. Have your lunch break outside the four walls of your office if you work at a 9 to 5.

This trick leaves you energized for the rest of the day. You come back feeling very much relaxed and energized. Be careful not to overeat if you are eating lunch, it might cause you to slow down the rest of the day.

7. Scrap the meaningless stuff

What are those things you know do not make a single sense? Scrap them out. Stop doing things to “fulfill all righteousness”. It is not worth it. Is there this one task you know you struggle to accomplish and you have a colleague who is not just good at it but gets it done in a breeze, pass it on to them.

Also, focus on your strengths. Working in another person’s strengths will only tank your productivity! Forget what is not achievable for now and do what you have the power to do.

Go on ahead to have the most productive week ever!

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