how to get the job of your dreams

How to get the job of your dreams

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Last week, I shared some nuggets on my Whatsapp status and it is on how to get the job of your dreams. It seems as though that message might not have reached its potential capacity yet given the limited audience I have on Whatsapp compared to my blog here.

So I have decided to copy and paste it here. I do not feel the need to edit anything so I will just present this to you as I did to my Whatsapp audience. Please be open-minded and see if it is possible to do some career edit. Read below:

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how to get the perfect job

The problem with ‘I just need any kind of job, Esther.’

This isn’t in any way to pull you down. It is to bring you up to a different level of reasoning. If I succeed at this, you should have a better perspective and more strategic systems to searching for jobs.

I understand the burden of bills. It is draining to pursue what brings out the best in you (or gives you fulfillment) if it doesn’t pay the bills. So, trust me, I understand what it means to have bills that your passion or skill set can’t foot.

Here’s however what I think you should do in the interim.

I should define interim. This is the period where you are taking up side hustles and all kinds of jobs to foot your bills while you are on the journey to building your capacity to earn.

In the interim, introspect and ask some serious questions.

  • What brings me the utmost fulfillment (based on my gifts, passion, and existing skill set)?
  • Is it going to be financially rewarding for me in the end (be smart to understand the balance between passion and profit)?
  • Is there a chance for growth in here and how can I scale this up in the future?
  • How proficient am I in it as of now?
  • What will it take me to get from where I am to a position of authority on this path?
  • Who do I need to speak to to give me a road map?
  • How much do I need to spend?
  • What course(s) do I need to take? (Please don’t waste time with courses except the certificate is gbam. You will move faster by learning at the feet of masters).

So, if you are just going to ask me (or anyone else) for ‘any kind of job’, let it be that it is part of your game plan to actualizing your dreams. Let it be that the ‘any kind of job’ is a means to an end. You can’t stay on ‘any kind of job’ forever. You need a bigger picture.

You should build proficiency at one or two things. This is what will give you the Almighty job security. Expand your mental capacity and gain insight. If you are going to drink garri building a dream, I think it is much better than wasting your life doing different kinds of jobs just to pay the bills. If you become an authority at something, you can call the shots.

Instead of searching for jobs, jobs are beginning to search for some special set of people. Haven’t you noticed? These people put in the work at something. They mastered the craft and declared themselves open for employment. These guys call the shots.

They don’t attend interviews, they hold discussions with their prospective employers. It is an issue of ‘you need me, can you afford me? I am bringing something different to the table.’ See, there are so many jobs available. This is not me spewing balderdash.

This is the truth! Ask your HR friends, they will tell you that there are spots open, the only problem they have is that they do not have people who are capable to fill these spots.

So, really, build your way up to where you can leave the ‘any kind of job’ stage.

I really do hope that I did not offend anyone. That’s not my intention. I just think we should stop this ‘give me any kind of job’ discussions. It is a merry-go-round situation.

P.S – How to become the best in your industry

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