How To Get Over A Guy That Doesn't Like You Back

How to get over a guy that doesn’t like you back

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Isn’t it funny how the people we really want to be with don’t want to be with us? That sucks on an entirely different level, trust me.

Here you are, some people are drooling over you and you don’t like them back. I mean, when we eventually get to meet the one we like and find out he likes us back, circumstances may just raise its ugly head.

How many times have you said to yourself- it’s over for me man! Because I have said this one too many times. Sorry, if that came out too honest.

Sometimes I wonder, can’t we just have everything? He likes you, you like him back and everything is all set to happen? Can’t that just freaking be the case???????

So how do you know he doesn’t like you back? Well, that’s pretty easy…

He is not texting you back

He is not proactive about what’s going on between you both

You find that you are the one pushing for many things to happen

He is gracious enough to obviously show you, no funny, hanky panky behavior

He doesn’t treat you better than he treats his friends. I mean, you are on the same level as his sister relationally.

So, it can be a pain to get over this kind of person. Jeezes, you like him that much. How do you get over him?

Because sis, you have to move oooooooon. Ain’t no time to be drooling over someone who doesn’t want you. He doesn’t want you, that is not his fault. He just doesn’t want you.

So you are not going to waste your emotions though.

Below is a video of Jamie Grace, I think you should watch it. As usual, I subscribe to her method. Very clean and useful.

How to get over a guy that doesn’t like you back

One thing I can pick is this- you don’t need to try too hard to prove that you are over his rejection. His rejection of you hurts, so deal with it.

There is no need to play mature. You are allowed to unfollow him on social media so that you don’t always have to stumble on him.

I mean, isn’t stumbling on him going to make you bitter about his NO?

Don’t put up any fake maturity, it really doesn’t help you at all.

Get him out of your radar totally. Please note that this is not to get back at him, he might not notice anyway. This is to censor how much of him you see and know.

It helped one time when I consciously made nothing remind me of him. On social media, off social media. He became non-existent so much that after a month, his thought crossed my mind and I was like, yooooooo, this dude’s still aliiiiiive. Praise Goooooooood for his proteeeeeeection.

Anyway, do what you have to do so that you have enough space, energy, and love for the real deal.

So, what do you think? Do you have other suggestions? I mean, feelings be that important yo.

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