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How to get Google AdSense Approval Very fast

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When was it I said I was going on a blogging break? It’s barely a week and I am back to writing how to get Google AdSense approval fast. I have grown so fond of you. I am not ashamed to admit that I miss you. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I can’t do without you guys, I practically can’t.

So, I am back and I just want to answer this question that is thrown at me everywhere. Kilode. Everywhere I turn to, social media, my email o, whatsapp o, this Google Adsense quick approval strategies.

I decided that after writing and publishing this blog post, I will just send this link to anyone who asks me about Google Adsense. Hopefully I write something comprehensive enough to answer your questions I have now and future questions. Please carefully read through, you will find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions on Google Adsense.

get Google adsense approval very fast


Google AdSense is one of the most popular terms in this Blogging industry right now. Google AdSense this, Google AdSense that. Nigerian Bloggers are so in love with Google AdSense that quick approval is enough to bring them blogasms. Do you blame them? We want to financially reap from our blogs. So I get it.

One personal concern I have is why Nigerian Bloggers treat Google Adsense like a “do or die” affair. It’s like without Google AdSense, they can’t earn from their blogs. This is sadly not the way earning from a blog or YouTube channel works. Blog monetization is dynamic and experimental to an extent.

I understand that Google Adsense is a very good passive income funnel and that you only have to place these ads on spaces on your blog and sit back to watch it grow. Without a lot of traffic, I must warn you, Google AdSense is pointless. You would see cents after months of writing and writing on your blog.

There are pros and cons of using Google AdSense. Some Bloggers don’t even understand as little as RPM, CPM, CPC and so many other things. They just place these ads all over their blogs and endlessly wait for $1000 per month.  This is not what I am writing on today though, I am writing on what y’all are pursuing like gold.

How do you get your Google AdSense approved very fast? This is what we want to get out of the way.  A friend and Blogger once told me that she doesn’t give a damn on how to make her AdSense earn more money, she just wants it on her blog first. She claimed that having Google AdSense makes you feel and appear like an authentic Blogger.

I guess this is because of how difficult it is to get the approval go through. Years ago, it was very easy to get your AdSense approved. I remember when I was still a young Blogger. I applied for Google AdSense for my blog and all of my friend’s blogs. In fact, we got approved in less than 3 days. In less than a week, we had Ads running on our blogs.

Guys, we were the in thing then, earning ridiculous cents and claiming Blogger. I can’t laugh mhen, I am actually laughing as I type this though. It’s funny how we grow, really interesting. I honestly don’t like Ads. I feel that it is distracting and also a rip off. Why should I give you Ad space for such a small money?

I am currently testing Gourmet Ads though. I know their RPM is very low, really low. I would however want to test out a few things and decide if I want to keep them or not on my blog. Enough of my stories, I sincerely hope they are not boring anyway. Let’s dive straight in and get your Google AdSense approved quickly.

What is Google Adsense?

I would like to make sure that we are all on the same page. I am not sure I want to go definitive proper, I think I want to break down what Google AdSense is, the way I would explain to a total non-Blogger.

If you have ever had to ask a Blogger what Google Adsense means or how they claim to earn from their blogs, well, this section of the blog post is your answer. Companies and brands approach Google AdSense and ask them to help promote their products and services. What Google AdSense in turn does is to ask Bloggers to help them promote these companies and brands on their own blogs.

They give you as a Blogger a percentage of what these companies have paid them. You are paid when your ad is seen a total of 1000 times. If someone also clicks on that Ad, you are paid a certain amount too.

What you as a Blogger are doing is helping Google promote what brands have asked them to promote. You are invariably selling Ad spaces to these brands via Google AdSense. I hope this is briefly explanatory enough.

You know you can always ask questions in the comments section if you are not clear on anything.

Why is Google AdSense difficult to get?

If you were asking me this, I would ask you to complete this question. Google AdSense is only difficult to get in some countries, not all. Nigerians especially have it really hard getting their AdSense accounts approved because we are notorious for not following guidelines.

We are actually good at not following guidelines. We like shortcuts a lot. You know how flagged we are internationally even in the physical world. So apart from the volume of entries Google Adsense has to consider, we don’t make it any easier by applying for AdSense with ineligible blogs.

Tips to getting Google AdSense approval very fast

Google adsense approval quickly

Have Quality Content

If you want to get approved for Google Adsense very fast, make sure that your content is quality enough. Quality content means that you have articles with more than 300 words on your blog. It helps a lot to prove that you are not putting up needless or useless content.

Make sure that your content is original and not copied and pasted from anywhere. Google uses a lot of AI, you will be surprised at how smart their bots and crawlers are. Try to be original on your blog, this includes texts and images.

Include pages on your blog

Try to create important pages on your blog. People get quickly approved by Google AdSense when they have relevant pages like ABOUT, CONTACT and PRIVACY POLICY.

Take down other Ads in the mean time

If you have other Ads on your page, take them down while Google is reviewing your blog. Affiliate links might not affect you but major Ads from Google AdSense competitors like Gourmet Ads, ClickBank etc should be removed.

Add the Google Ad Code given to you

On every blog associated to the Google account, add the Google code in the head section provided you want your Google Ads to appear on them. People have had to apply and not add this code, they just wait for weeks and months without hearing anything from Google AdSense.

Good theme design helps for faster approval

If your theme is designed well with pages that are visible and good user experience, you increase your chances of getting approved by Google AdSense. Try to also make your theme mobile friendly. In general, have a responsive site. A responsive blog gets approved faster by Google AdSense than non responsive sites.

Get a custom domain

So I say this to avoid the disappointment I see on people’s faces when they have to register for Google AdSense twice. I remember working with a client who had to move from her free blogspot site to a custom domain. She already had Google Adsense on her Blogspot blog.

On migrating to a custom domain, her Google Ads space became blank. She had to apply for Google AdSense again. Sadly, her request was treated as someone who never had. Of course, it was more rigorous than when she originally applied and got her Adsense account.

Have up to 20 posts and above

I will be really truthful, blogs with posts less than 20 have been approved. In fact, some Google AdSense approved blogs don’t follow the guidelines. I cannot say for sure why, I am not Google AdSense you know. I wish I knew but some of the blogs I have seen approved clearly do not follow the guidelines.

That’s not for me to worry about anyway. All I want is that you apply and get accepted without the back and forth reapplication. Try to have more than 20 quality posts with original pictures on your blog.

Check for broken links on your blog

See, If your blog is perfect after normal blog auditing, you will have your blog approved by AdSence. Check and make sure broken links are fixed.

Add social media to your blog

Make sure to add social media sharing to your blog. Also make sure to add your blog on your social media accounts. It goes a long way to prove your credibility.

In conclusion:

I will try to add more suggestions on how to get your Google Adsense faster as soon as I remember.

You can always reapply until you are approved. Don’t be fidgety is you are rejected once, all you have to do is make the corrections and resubmit. Some people have had to resubmit more than 8 times. They got approved for AdSense eventually.

If you can however follow the suggestions and guidelines above. You should be approved faster than the normal Google AdSense Applicant. Good luck.



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