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How to drive massive traffic to your blog

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It is every Blogger’s dream to drive massive traffic to their blogs. What is the point of writing what won’t be seen or read? It can be frustrating to have loads and loads of quality articles on the blog and not have enough traffic as reward.

drive massive blog traffic

How do you drive massive traffic to your blog if only trickles drop in from social media?

The people you share your blog link with on Whatsapp won’t click on it. See ehn, if all of them even click on it, how scalable is it? For a career, professional or business Blogger who is aiming at 30,000- 1million page views per month, sharing links won’t help. You would have to write a lot of blog posts in a day, assuming they all click your blog links.

If you are serious about this blog traffic thing,

1. Look for a platform and build a tribe in there. Direct your tribe to your blog after you have them in numbers. This is a little bit tricky because you must drive them to similar topics that have got them stayed on you on that platform.

If all you talk about on Facebook is brezz, you can’t drive them to an educational or career blog o. That’s why you need to be intentional right from when you make the decision to build audience on the platform. If what you do is slay on Instagram, please don’t open a political blog o, just saying.

2. Become popular and maintain it. I don’t know how you are going to do this one o. Hmmmmnnnn.. If Kim Kardashian opens a blog today, let’s say a Fashion blog, she won’t hustle for whatsapp broadcasting o.

3. Leverage on search engines.

You see ehn, I don’t blame people who don’t click your links o. You know why? If I write a blog post on how to become the most paid Blogger in the world and I share it with my mum on whatsapp, I expect that her opening that link is more of loyalty than fulfilling a need.

If someone however goes to Google to search for this and lands on my blog, he will read and share with people who also need it. His curiosity is satisfied, you are the answer to his prayer. So, you see, strangers may become more of your blog advocate than friends.

In sourcing for blog traffic, think, how scalable is this going to be? Try to also think from multiple angles. Before you do something, put yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes and throw the question at yourself.

Would I download an app for a blog? Would I click on a Whatsapp link? Would I share this blog post? Is this article quality enough for me to trust? Is this review truthful enough?

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