How to develop a positive attitude to work

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Arese Uguw- work attitude

There is this nonchalance people show to work that is
alarming. You see young vibrant people who should be dominating whatever field
they find themselves but they work with an i-don’t-care attitude that not only
affects their work but also defeats any kind of experience they should have
learnt from such work. Yet you see these people complaining because they are
stuck doing the same job at the same level for years.

You see people who know
what they should do, how they should do it, but for some lazy reason(s) they
choose to do it haphazardly. I have heard a stock controller once tell me that
mayonnaise can be used two months after its expiry date. What kind of mentality
can you say someone like that has? True, the environment we find ourselves
doesn’t always notice the efforts we put in but the personal satisfaction in
doing something and knowing that you have done an amazing job is immense.

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might seem like a tall tale but there is a satisfaction and confidence that
comes from knowing that you can do any task given to you, not just well but in
an amazing way. Besides all these, you never know who is watching. I know
people who have gone far in their carriers simply because they put their hearts
in their jobs. It wasn’t planned, its possible they have been working with
their hearts for ages and one day, baam… they do something, something that
might seem like another day for them and that changed their lives forever.

First of all, you have to work to derive personal
satisfaction. I believe that if you work to derive personal satisfaction, you
won’t see something going awry and press ignore. You won’t even be confortable
in your skin. Ant trust me, however you do any job, no matter how little or
insignificant that job is or how little it pays is the same way you will do any
other job.So if you are the type that sees something going bad but looks the
other way since it doesn’t concern you, you will take that same attitude
anywhere you go, even if you are starting something of your own. If you fall
under the category of people who know how things should be done but still go
ahead and do it however they please, oga it will follow you wherever you are
going. You can’t even help it. It’s in you.


The kind of satisfaction you get from doing your job right
is immense. The truth is that 99.99% of people who are excelling in whatever
field they find themselves are people who put their hearts in their jobs.  Try it, have a positive attitude with whatever you do, do your job with all your heart, and you will see how things will fall
in place.

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