How to create the perfect ombre lips : step by step tutorial

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How to create the perfect ombre lips

This ombre lips thing has just come to slay and stay. It has a way of giving your makeup that glow ehn. Today we will learn how to create the perfect ombre lips. Instead of having someone always do it for us, let’s learn it for ourselves?

What we’ll need

*Lip balm or ChapStick
*Concealer or foundation
*Lip pencil/liner the same colour as a lipstick
*A basic colour lipstick
*Lip pencil that is 2-3 shades darker than the lipstick
*Lip gloss/stick that’s 2 shades darker than the basic lipstick
*Paper tissue

How to do the perfect ombre lips

*Moisturize lips with lip balm
*Apply foundation or concealer slightly on the lips to soften it’s colour
*Outline the lips contour with a pencil/liner
*Shade the pencil lightly in the inward direction. Let the contour be unnoticeable
*Put on the basic lipstick
*Apply the darker lip liner to the corners of your lips

*Apply the darker lipstick
*Blend them together
*Use paper tissue to clean off extra lipstick

This makeup must be done to suit your skin colour. So you must know colours that suit your skin colour in other to have a perfect ombre lips for yourself. Another thing is, if you have such a bold makeup on your lips you shouldn’t have bold colours on your eyes. That’s one of the makeup rules.

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Article Written by Idorenyin Effanga

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