How to Connect with Other Bloggers

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Heyo people of the Blogosphere. How is Blogging moving? Yeah, it’s been mad fun for me lately. I have been able to connect with so many other bloggers especially on my Facebook wall. I had no idea how many bloggers I have as Facebook friends!

So, an interesting discussion came up on a blogger friend’s wall and it inspired this post. He was ranting about how he got to open a blog, hasn’t blogged in a while and doesn’t have anyone check up on him. I have a hard piece of truth. Nobody actually cares. Few people get to care if you have them involved in your blogging process tho’. I told him that when he ever gets back on, he should get blogger friends and connect with other bloggers.

Here is why it is good to connect with other bloggers :

1. You get to be accountable
2. You have people to collaborate with
3. You share ideas and motivate each other
4. They can temporarily stand in for you when you  are burned out
5. You get invited to meet ups
6. Loyal blog friends can go any length to support you
7. Your blog fan base automatically increases
8. It’s just pure fun to be in the community.

Well, now that you know how important it is to have friends that are bloggers, how do you get to have them? Your immediate friends might know nothing about blogging. Those who know might not be regular bloggers. How do you get to be friends with bloggers who are serious? Bloggers with whom you can go far?

1. Comment on their blogs

Look for three to four bloggers in your niche and comment regularly on their blogs. Make friends with them right there on their blogs. Some of them may reciprocate by commenting on your own blog too. For those that don’t reciprocate, after a while, you can approach them. It’s easier to connect because they are familiar with you already. You are not barging in on anybody, so they take you seriously.

2. Be where Bloggers are

There are so many beautiful and interesting blogger groups online. I like Good Naija Bloggers on Facebook. You can find these groups on Facebook, Instagram and even forums. Do not just register and leave them. Be present, interact, pick interest in those that are in your niche.

3. Be genuinely interested

Don’t talk to bloggers only to ask them to follow you back. Present yourself as a potentially reliable and genuine friend. First impression matters. Let your first impression be lasting. Let them see all shades of fun and seriousness at the same time. Ask after them if you haven’t seen them online in a long time.

Do you want us to be friends? I want to be too. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram or send me an e-mail.

How do you connect with other bloggers?

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