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How to Build a Cohesive Instagram Feed by Sharon

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Beautiful and cohesive instagram feed

An active social media account is one way to increase visibility and keep a brand alive. Your online business needs visibility. Instagram is taking over very fast and the faster you can use this to your advantage, the smarter you are. Just like all the other Social media platforms that we have, Instagram also has its own uniqueness.

A cohesive Instagram feed can lure people to follow you. Many people love beautiful things. Instagram is actually for beautiful, quality pictures. A nice Instagram feed is an attractive call for a brand. Y’all know how we love to associate with fine fine stuff.

Sharon Ojong says:

“Having a cohesive instagram feed isn’t just about having high quality images, it is an excellent opportunity for you to reinforce your brand, link your brand values, your message and your voice together.

Do you want someone to open your profile and see a compelling instagram feed that will make them hit the follow button? Here are a few elements to take note of”

Sharon has a very informative and useful video on ways to achieve this. Watch it below:

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Photo credit: Bespoke Bride

This Bespoke Bride link also has a lot of nice Instagram feeds you may like to see.

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