How to be Persistent in Life During Tough Times

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Life is full of ups and downs. Understanding that it is not
a Santa’s package every time is key. Inasmuch as we know that we cannot help
some challenging situations from coming our way,  persistence is strictly key. Backing down at
every difficult cross road won’t get anybody anywhere. There will be thorns and
bristles ; cakes and cherries.  There
will be medals and awards ; adversity and opposition. Everybody has had to go
through the good and the bad times. When you are at that stage where you  feel like giving up,  how can you still remain persistent? How can
you follow up on our dreams still and not give up on our goals?
Everybody has had to deal with dreams not coming through and
goals not been accomplished. Everybody has had times when they only wanted to
give up and not move on ahead. Many of the notable people in Life experienced challenges. Thomas Edison went through over ten thousand prototypes before being able to develop a commercially viable light bulb. Now,  that’s some persistence for you! Over ten thousand times! 
Remember that it is only a Phase
Problems usually pass with time. Always remember this and
you imagine your challenges as that bitter drug with an expiry date. At that
same time the following year or month or week or even day,  you may realize that that difficult situation
is not currently what you have to deal with anymore,  you are on to something else. Persisting and
keeping up during that difficult time is therefore going to be a plus. Tough
times don’t last,  tough people do.
Turn to someone For Help 
This isn’t codependency like people think. We all need
someone around us. Everybody need someone more knowledgeable,  more experienced,  more mature or more courageous. If your
current challenge is something someone else has gone through or you think would
understand,  why not seek the person’s
help or advice? Don’t give up already, stay persistent.
Draw up Reasonable, Practical Solutions 
Now you can look at your challenges and come up with a plan.
Everyone needs a plan after all. Stick with yourself, be persistent and be
realistic. Look up solutions on the Internet, in a book or ask a friend for
help and walk through this tough time.
To be successful in life, 
you need persistence. Be patient
plan,  pray and be persistent and
everything will be just fine.

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