How to be Happy Being Single…

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Being single is no disease.

The state of being single is the period of your life when you’re not yet married.

Recently, I have discovered that some people in this beautifully single period are frustrated and resent a lot.

It’s hard to come by a single girl or guy today and many are in relationships they are not even proud of.

Come off it, single mood is not a time to brood or feel dejected.

The days of singleness should be the period of extreme productivity.

There are things you shouldn’t do and things you should do while single. Come with me as I share with you things you should avoid as a single.

1. Don’t focus on being single as a negative state, if you focus on what you haven’t gotten, you will start to feel sorry for yourself and you might miss out on the good things which you do have right now.

2. Don’t expect that marriage will solve all your problems. Who you are when you are single is who you’ll be when you’re married. Marriage won’t change everything, it won’t change who you are, most times, it only does magnify it. Only you can change you.

3. Stop seeing every guy/girl you meet as potential or non-potential Bae or Boo. Be open minded, respectful and friendly.

4. Don’t be jealous when others share the news of their engagement or finding a partner with you, instead rejoice with them and genuinely. This is what great friends do.

5. Don’t isolate yourself, don’t be stuck in your own circle of comfort.

6. Don’t compare yourself with others, God has different plans for each of us.

Don’t be in such a hurry to change your status that you rush blindly into a relationship without you giving it the necessary checks and considerations. It is better to be single than in a relationship you later regret.

Singleness- the state of most certainty

Now, let’s briefly look at things you should do as a single;

It is pertinent that you remain proactive in your state, therefore;

1. Focus on what you have at hand now and build strong foundations by having a vision to grow in:

a. Personal Development
b. Financial Independence
c. Emotional Stability
d. Value Proposition
e. Spirituality.

Be the best you can be in these areas, so that you can attract the best partner.

2. Focus on helping others grow.

Life is not all about you and what you want to get from a relationship alone, but it’s about giving the best so that you can be the best to someone else.

3. Be in love with yourself.

There has always been a chronological order to love. You can’t love anyone adequately if you haven’t first loved yourself well. Have a healthy self esteem. Know who you are and who God says you are is enough validation for a healthy esteem.

4. Break free/out of your cycle of friends. Have plans to meet at least one new person each time you step out, social media has made this easy a lot.


5. Enjoy being single. Be single for as long as you want and have fun doing it.

Be you.
Do you
Take yourself out on treats and spoil yourself silly.Enjoy the time you’re single, all the way.

With these and many more you’d have read, you should know that this is the time to be you and don’t be pressured by anyone or anything into getting into a mistake called situationship, this kills faster than any sickness you can ever think of.

Your friend,
Oluwafunmbi Adeoti.

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