How to be Done With the ‘I am Too Busy’ Cliche

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It’s a Wednesday evening and a call from your best friend brings you back to life. You have been behind your work desk doing ‘everything’.

You fixed breakfast,  dropped off your child at school,  came back to dress up for an appointment for 9:30am, you rushed off to work at 11am and now at 5:30pm, you can’t say for sure what you have accomplished except for the cooking,  dropping off of your kid and the appointment. And to think that you’d forget the girls’ evening out is just absurd. And… Oh  you’ve got to pick up your child.  Hubby called in to say he’ ll be staying back late.

‘I am too busy!’ you whine.

This is the easiest way to justify yourself by yourself; to get yourself excused from extra responsibilities and to feel justified for not eating all day. But c’mon,  we both know that something can be done.  You just haven’t thought about how to go about it.

How about we try this-getting busy being you?

Most of the time,  we are up and about getting worried over getting things done.  This particularly has a way of getting to us and making us feel spent.  The actual time spent on accomplishing the deed is lengthened by the anxiety to get many things done at the same time.

When we take some time out to cool off and be ourselves,  things drastically change.  How about observing your child trying on her few steps?  What about truthfully complimenting your husband? Taking the time to give your roommate a listening ear isn’t a bad idea.

We need to deliberately take short breaks intermittently, to evaluate our workload,  our personal lives and our primary responsibilities. We need some time out to cool off from the hustling and bustling of the day to assess situations at hand and how to really get stuff accomplished.

Planning ahead gives us a quick view of what we should be doing and how to get them done in time without feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  Writing them down could be the best way out to clear things off your head,  take them off your chest.

To-do lists are becoming increasingly indispensable.  Buy one or download a To-do app on your phone to declutter your head,  free yourself of the anxiety,  prevent the occurrence and reoccurring embarrassing forgetfulness of important activities and get real stuff done.

Finally,  spend more time with yourself and your family. It helps to avoid the ‘busy’ feeling.

Have a productive week ahead.  Love y’all.

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