How to be bold and beautiful

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Big, bold and beautiful woman on nice leopard skin dress

How to be big, bold and beautiful

You can be plus size and fabulous. You can actually be big, bold and beautiful. Size doesn’t dictate beauty. Your size is part of what makes you unique. Imagine if every girl had to be tall and slim. Boring, right? I think so too. Men would have too few choices to pick from. Women would have too few sizes to have fun with. Your size is just an extension of your beauty.

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I would like to take a guess. You are plus size. Heck yeah, I am good at guessing. Or not, kikikikiki… I assumed that you got to this paragraph just because you actually want to know how to be fabulous. A slimmer girl would rather just share with a bigger girl friend.

Listen, a lot of us have to deal with body confidence. Isn’t it just surprising that even slim women complain about one body challenge or the other? I find it surprising because some perfectly shaped girls still have issues with some of their flaws, obvious or not. Listen, this is an indication that no matter your size, you need to be body proud and confident to feel beautiful.

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You are going to live in your skin for a very long time so I think it is just wiser to fall in love with it and be comfortable in it. Confidence is reflected in the way you walk, sit and even talk about your body. If you have to always complain at the tailor’s shop or beauty spa about your size, you are robbing yourself of the chance to be as big as you are, bold about it and beautiful in your own right.

Tips to stay bold and beautiful


Love your body

Buy clothes that fit you, not smaller, not larger. In a bid to aggressively present your self as thinner, you might shoot yourself in the leg. Get right fits for you, slim fit what you have to, expand what you should. Pamper your skin. Groom yourself, do a manicure and pedicure, appear neat. Smell nice, use makeup if you want.

Stay healthy

Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be about slimming down or becoming lean, it is another way to stay fit asides from eating healthy.

Be happy

It’s not a bad idea to try to reduce if you want but don’t be pressured into feeling sad about your size. In the process of staying fit, you may cut down on some size. Be happy nonetheless. Happiness reflects in the other aspects of your life.

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Pursue your dreams

Your size is not enough reason to hold off on your dreams. I watched a plus size pole dancer on Britain’s Got Talent. Dancing is her dream and you should see the way she beautifully performed. Big people do anything, big people can do anything.

Above all, be confident

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