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How to batch work, save time and increase your productivity

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If you have ever complained about how short every day is, batching your work may be what you need to save more time and become more efficient. I am the queen of the ’24 hours is not enough for me’ talk, trust me. So if you are to listen to anyone on how to increase your productivity, it is me, lol.

This is because I try everything every time to find out what works and what I may need to stop doing. One of the very beautiful systems of working now is batching.

You would think this only has to do with food. You know, batching cookies, or batch cooking for a week. Well, it turns out that this is for as many things as you can think of. You can batch work any single kind of task in any single field that you are.

What exactly is batching?

This is doing all similar and very related things together. To batch work means to complete tasks that are of the same nature all at a go.

So to speak, batch working is like the opposite of multitasking where you do a task for a while and switch to another with the hope of coming back to complete the former task.

Multitasking has earned a lot of positive reviews over time but we are quickly learning to see that it is not exactly the best way to work if we are to indeed save time like we think we are and increase productivity.

For one, it can drain you of so much energy, leave you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled because let’s face it, you may end up doing nothing much at the end of the day.

Why it is important to batch work

1. Focus – this type of work style helps you to stay focused long enough to finish even the most uninteresting tasks.

2. Less time spent – instead of having to switch in between tasks mindlessly, you are spending less time because you are indeed finishing up tasks that would have taken a whole week just because you were switching.

3. Fulfillment – oh the joy of finishing up is immense. Imagine that you have to mark the scripts of all the 100 students in a particular class. How do you feel when you finish this all in one concentrated, focused sitting?

4. Less stress– we all know it, the kind of stress that multitasking brings. Even though we sometimes concoct a feeling of accomplishment, we know deep down the emotional, mental and physical toll it takes on us at the end of the day.

How to batch work to save your time and increase your productivity

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Group all related tasks together

You decide, what are they? They definitely differ from person to person. This of course, also differs based on the kind of job that you do. Even though some kind of tasks are common to us all, like cleaning, shopping for groceries, cooking, etc.

If you work as a phone repairer, for example, you want to do all the kinds of repairs that are very similar. I say this and use this example because I once had to watch a phone repairer work and I must tell you, I wish I knew what I know then.

This guy had to get a new screen for me and a few other things for some people. Apparently, he didn’t have them in his own shop so he boarded a bike to go get them. He came back to meet a particular guy whose phone had been in his shop for a while.

In a panic, he began to apologize profusely because he seemed to have used up his long rope, lol. He boarded a bike again to buy all his materials. Waste of time, lots of stress, waste of energy, less productivity. In fact, I was kind of confused. Why would anyone do that to themselves when they could sit, plan and do everything in one batch?

Get yourself in the mood

You know, the one thing that multitasking does is that just as you switch in between tasks, you switch the moods that you need to accomplish them. Say, for example, you have to move from cleaning to answering emails. You sure know that you are going to need different kinds of moods to get these done.

With batching, you only need a certain kind of environment to get things rolling. So, get on with it. Batching may take as long as a day or a whole week.

For content creators, for example, you might spend the whole week shooting all your videos for a whole month or three. Another week to edit them and a whole day to begin scheduling and planning your calendar.

To shoot your videos, you need to set the right tone to make sure that you get things done faster and effortlessly. Setting the environment and the mood is, therefore, the one thing you are focusing on.

Prepare for batching

What do you need to get this to work? What are the potential obstacles? A slight off might cause you to go back into your shell again so you want to make sure that you have no reason for excuses at all.

Do you need to get unlimited access to the internet to finish up a research work? Do you need to get a quieter place to batch write? Who do you need to call to be on ground to shoot your videos? What kind of groceries will get all the food items ready? Do you need to be up early?

List out all the expenses that you need to make to get things to work. Be sure you have everything ready for your batch work. This could even include all the groceries you need to prepare a week’s food.

At the end of the day, batching is going to be the best way to save your time and increase your productivity. So, is this something you would consider doing? Have you ever tried batching before? Did it work better?

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